Zhuanghe City conducts a number of activities to celebrate the implementation of Charity Law

The Charity Law of the PRC came into effect from September 1, and September 5 is defined as “China Charity Day”. Zhuanghe municipal charity union organized various campaigns to strengthen laws and regulation publicity and create a good legal environment for charity. Recently, Zhuanghe municipal charity union conducted a series of campaigns such as broadcasting over 30 pieces of advertisement, putting up banners in squares, streets, volunteer stations on television, newspapers and websites, and issued more than 1000 booklets of Charity Law to make charity workers know about, learn and use the law. Besides, Zhuanghe municipal charity union organized voluntary workers in the cultural sector to post special blackboard newspapers. The volunteer team handed out 3000 pieces of publicity materials. All of those have further enhanced people’s awareness of charity.

It is said that the union also organized volunteers to come to welfare houses, nursing homes and communities to extend helping hands to orphans, the elderly and extremely poor families with presents and service.