Institution building should be strengthened to control community correction access

In order to further perfect the overall community correction system, standardize the survey and examination work on applicable community correction before appraisal and improve the work quality and level of the community correction in our city, recently, the Municipal Justice Bureau formulated and introduced Tentative Plan on Survey and Examination Scoring on Applicable Community Correction before Appraisal (Trial), which was abbreviated as the Plan, based on Implementation Measures on Community Correction and the pilots and argumentation.


The Plan clarified the general object, subject and task of the survey and examination work and standardized the work procedures of the survey and examination with the following five features:


The first feature was boasting a wide coverage. The Plan standardized scoring criteria from 14 aspects including residence conditions, living sources, martial conditions, family relations, economic conditions, the attitudes of admission of guilty and community’s opinions and incorporated relevant factors about prisoners in applicable community into the survey, examination and scoring scope.


The second was being objective and fair. The total score in examination was 100 points. The examination opinions were based on examination standards and were divided into two types, namely “applicable community correction” and “inapplicable community correction”, with corresponding scores of over 60 points (including 60points) and less than 59 points, in which the objective scoring examination could avoid the interference of artificial factors and embody fairness.


The third was safeguarding the authority of laws. The Plan fully implemented criminal reconciliation combined with temper justice with mercy, which further perfected the community correction system. Strict disciplines required clearly that the community correction law enforcement officers should get rid of bad acts as follows: the party members involving receiving unlawful money and wanting what were not permitted with complete frauds. The one who ignored the facts and bent the law for the benefit of his relatives will be punished according to relevant laws and regulations, which just standardized law enforcement acts, promoted law enforcement justice and effectively safeguarded the authority of law.   



The fourth was embodying the feature of humanization. The Plan fully safeguarded the rights and interests of the corrected people in planned applicable communities and put emphasis on some special groups in scoring, such as the minors, the pregnant women or the ones in lactation, the disabled, the persons who had serious diseases (including epidemic diseases) and the old people, increased scoring proportion, which embodied the humanization feature of criminal reconciliation.


The fifth was being closely reasoned in argumentation. The Plan stuck to the survey and examination principle of “grasping comprehensively, survey elaborately, scoring objectively and emphasizing individual conditions”. Before introduction, the Municipal Justice Bureau, based on the pilot in some areas, organized many conferences to widely solicit advice from the Court of Law, the Procuratorate, the Public Security Department, the Comprehensive Department, the Prison, the Community Correction Organization of the grass roots, the prisoners of the community and their relatives, and finalized the document for trial after repeated consideration and revisions.


The introduction of the Planwill surely improve the overall condition of the community correction work in our city, safeguard social stability and play a big role in building a “Safe Dalian”.