Municipal Economic Inspection Branch participated in the campaign on Combating and Preventing Economic Crime Publicity Day

In recent days, in the Lion Square of the Labor Park located at Zhongshan District, Dalian City, the Economic Inspection Branch of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce together with the Economic Crime Investigation Detachment of the Municipal Public Security Bureau made joint efforts in conducting the campaign on Combating and Preventing Economic Crime Publicity Day. On the site, more than 70 articles in five types which were seized in recent years for trademark infringement and counterfeit or poor-quality were displayed, including the electronic products such as mobile phone, laptops and lithium batteries, printer supplies, watches, cosmetics, clothing, shoes and hats. Meanwhile, the law enforcement officers of the Economic Inspection Branch expounded the information of commodities involved in the cases and relevant knowledge about laws on the site and dealt with various inquiries and questions of the masses with more than 200 person times. With the joint promotion by the Municipal Public Security departments and the news media and through real cases and physical shows, the campaign revealed different types of unlawful economic acts from different perspectives, taught the masses corresponding prevention and control knowledge and offered relevant law consultation services. The active publicity campaign attracted more and more attention of the whole society to jointly cracking down on unlawful economic acts and created a good atmosphere of full participation of the masses.