Lushunkou District Civilization Office carried out the spirit of District Committee to step up urban civilization construction

In accordance with the requirements of normalization and institutionalization of civilized city construction put forward at the 13th plenary session of the 14th meeting held by Lushunkou District Committee, Lushunkou District Civilization Office regarded construction of civilized buildings as an important  part of deepening and boosting civilized city construction throughout the district.  In recent days, Lushunkou District Civilization Office organized street secretaries and community secretaries to hold meetings to promote the construction of civilized city and buildings.


The attendees at the meeting paid a visit to six representative buildings, namely Lianxin building in yingchun community,Desheng street, Minkang building in Heshun community, Dengfeng street, Xiangyang building in Yuanbao community, property-management-free building in Jiusan community, Desheng Street, Tongxin building in Xinhua community, Guangrong street and Gexin building in Youyi community. It was requested at the meeting that street and community leaders should through learning from each other advance the in-depth civilized city construction, promote the civilized city construction to a high level, set up long-term and effective systems to consolidate the achievements and do their utmost to make the citizens satisfied so as to build a high-caliber civilized city.


Since this year, Lushunkou District, laying emphasis on cleaning up illegal piles of sundries and buildings and growing vegetables on green land, has enhanced the comprehensive clean-up within the jurisdiction. Until the end of July, urban environmental clean-up basically covered every corner of the district. So far, the focus of creating civilized city has been extended to the construction of civilized buildings. According to the municipal construction standards of civilized buildings, Lushunkou District has 13 newly-built civilized buildings. Up to now, the goal that every community has at least one newly-built civilized building has been achieved and a new batch of civilized buildings are under construction.