The Advertisement Office of the City Administration Bureau for Industry and Commerce held the quize competition on the new Advertisement Law

The new Advertisement Law has been amended and approved by the Fourteenth session of the Twelfth National People's Congress on April 24th 2015 and will go into effect on September 1st 2015. In order to intensify the social recognition towards the new Advertisement Law, the advertising industry and consumers of the whole city were organized and mobilized to learn, publicize and apply the new Advertisement Law well, which actively creates a good atmosphere of learning law, observing law and using law, and safeguards the order of advertisement market and the lawful right and interests, the Advertisement Office has taken the lead and cooperated with Dalian City Press Group to jointly hold the Prize knowledge quiz of the new Advertisement Law of 'the Inboundary Territory Cup".

The quiz questions of the competition are chosen from the new Advertisement Law heavily emphasizing on the  new changes and some highlight points. These quiz questions have been publicized in parallel on the Dalian News Net, Haili Net, as well as Dalian Daily, the Peninsula Morning, Dalian Evening, Dalian New Business and Metro Times. Contestants can participate into the competition through various ways, such as through  Internet or by written form. The jury committee will organize prize-drawing activity for the contestants who have gained 90 points or more, with 100 lucky readers to be chosen and with each receiving one prize worth 200 yuan. The wining list will be released in September on Dalian Daily and the Dalian News Net.