Dalian Municipal Government Held the 20th Executive Meeting of the 16th Session

Dalian municipal government held the 20th executive meeting of the 16th session


Yesterday, the municipal government held the 20th executive meeting of the 16th session to fully deploy the arrangement of safety in production during the Mid - Autumn Festival and National Day, and further promote the rectification of the " Green Shield 2018" - the special action for supervision and inspection of nature reserves, and to redeploy and implement the rectification work of environmental inspectors. Mayor Tan Chengxu presided over the meeting and made a speech. The leaders of the municipal government, Lu Lin, Hao Ming, Yang Yaowei, Luo Dongsheng and Jin Guowei, Yang Guangzhi, director of Changxing Island Economic Zone, and Yi Qingtao, secretary general of the municipal government, attended the meeting.


Tan Chengxu pointed out that all regions, departments and units should fully implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's important statement and directive spirit on work safety, strengthen the " red line" consciousness, resolutely overcome paralysis and fluky psychology, focus on major safety risk prevention and control, pay close attention to the implementation of various safety prevention responsibility measures, and promote the steady improvement of the work safety situation. The main leaders of the Party and government in each region must strictly perform the duties of the first responsible person. Relevant departments must strictly implement the duties of industry supervision and professional supervision. All enterprises must strictly implement the main responsibility and ensure the implementation of the "four mechanisms" for safe production. It is crucial to focus on the safe production in transportation, construction, fishing vessels, hazardous areas and crowded places, to focus on safety risks, hidden dangers and weak links, focus on key areas, key industries and key areas, so as to further strengthen special rectification of safety production, ensure safety and stability during the during the Mid - Autumn Festival and National Day, and let people have a happy and peaceful festival.


Tan Chengxu emphasized that it is necessary to study and implement Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization in depth, firmly shoulder the political responsibility of ecological civilization construction, persist in problem orientation and tackling both symptoms and root causes, and strictly follow the requirements of the National Green Shield special action. In addition, it is necessary to establish and improve the list, and speed up the promotion and strengthen supervision according to the clear task book and timetable, ensuring continuous progress every month. The municipal government will listen to the progress report in October to ensure that the rectification task can be completed according to the time node. In addition, efforts should be taken to stablish and improve a long-term mechanism for the protection of nature reserves, comprehensively strengthen the supervision of ecological environment, protect the "natural beauty" of nature reserves, and naturally provide more high-quality ecological products to the people with tranquility, harmony and beauty.


Tan Chengxu stressed that governments at all levels should firmly establish the concept of green development, strengthen the ideological and operational awareness of environmental protection inspectors in their rectification work, consolidate the main responsibility, refine the rectification objectives, specify the rectification time limit, strengthen precise scheduling, strengthen supervision and accountability, and ensure that each rectification task is implemented and achieved practical results.


At the meeting, other matters were also studied.