The Trademark Registration Work in Our City Made a New Progress

In 2015, the number of effective registration amounted to 50414, with a year-on-year increase of 21.6%. The Administration recognized 4 well-known trademarks, adding up to 86 over the city; 28 provincial famous trademarks, totaling 473 over the city; 40 municipal famous trademarks, accumulating to 306 over the city. The Administration also organized the application for 5 geographical indication of certification trademarks, among which 1 has successfully registered, totaling 12 over the city; guided the enterprises to conduct the application for 19 international registration of trademarks (renewal) , among which 6 have successfully registered, adding up to 215 throughout the city. First, the large number of trademarks in the city center has reached 28459 in total among the four downtown districts, accounting for 56.5%. Second, the number of trademark registration has increased remarkably to 9571 through the year, increasing by 89.6% compared with the number last year. Third, the application for trademark registration has steady growth. The city submitted 11891 applications for trademark registration in total, increasing by 26.4% year on year. Fourth, commodity trademarks remain the dominant role while the number of service trademarks has increased notably. Among the effectively-registered 50414 trademarks, commodity trademarks account for 72.3% and service trademarks accounted for 27.7%.