The Second Supervision Team Carried Out a Special Inspection on Law Enforcement at Night Before the “Two Sessions”

To better implement the instruction and requirements of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Dalian Government, Party organizations of Administration of Work Safety on the work of safety production during the “Two Sessions” and further deepen a-hundred-day inspection on safety production from this winter to next spring, the second Supervision Team carried out a special inspection on such work as leaders on duty and on watch of Wenzhou Dalian Commodity Market of Wenzhou City business management Co., Ltd., Trade World of Dashang Co., Ltd., Dalian Shuang Xing Commodity Market of Dashang Group on March 2, 2016.

The law enforcement officers mainly inspected those enterprises on some aspects including the implementation of the instruction of Dalian Municipal Party Committee, Dalian Government and Administration of Work Safety during the “Two Sessions”, the solutions to accidents, emergency drills, leaders on duty and so on.

The inspection shows that leaders of those enterprises have all attached high importance to implementing safety production work, further studied the work of safety production in quick combination of the its characteristics and reality during the “Two Sessions”, and made deployment through various ways.