Dachangshan: Handle Well the Preparation Work of “Two Committees” Election in the Village

The year of 2016 is the significant year for both the election work of “Two Committees” election in the village and rural economic life. In order to ensure that the election work goes well, Dachangshan Island Town made an elaborate deployment and planning, so as to prepare well for the work before the election.

Dachangshan Island Town made guiding plans and held a mobilization meeting for “Two Committees” election. It’s known that the election work of Village Party Committee should be completed by the end of February, and the election work of Village Committee should be completed by the end of March, thus the time is limited and the tasks are heavy. At the mobilization meeting, Party General-Secretary of seven villages including Yangjia, Sanguanmiao, and Xiaoyanchang all gave speeches. The leading group in charge of “Two Committees” election and representatives of villages signed disciplinary responsibility agreement on serious election and required all the participants to complete the work with high standard and high quality in concerted efforts, so as to provide a firm guarantee for promoting the construction of new socialist countryside and accelerating the construction of livable cities of Dachangshan Island Town.