Lushunkou District Held a Meeting about the Discipline of General Election of the Two Committees in Yansu Village

Lushunkou District held a meeting about the discipline of general election of the Two Committees in Yansu Village. Yang Shen, party secretary of Lushunkou District Party Committee, ordered that we should further understand the significance deeply, implement the responsibility clearly and carry out the work thoroughly, and should ensure the justice and transparency of the general election with the ”Strict and Honest” Spirit. The chief leaders of the Lushunkou District Government and people in charge of the Development Authority, all the operating administrations and streets have attended the meeting.

Yang Shen figured that what would make sense in the general election was not only what kind of Two Committees leaders we wanted, but also the basic problems that whether the leaders could be supported by people and was able to protect people’s benefits. All the administrations should make sure that the candidates have the qualification and compete with each other in strict order, and should try to elect great leaders who can actually strengthen the power of the leader team.

Yang Shen emphasized that in the general election, first, we had to deepen our comprehension and understanding, and implement the responsibility of managing the Party team, keep the same pace with the Party's Central Executive Committee. We should implement the requirement of the Municipal Party committee and strengthen the basic organization construction through the general election. From the perspective of the condition of Lushunkou District, this general election could be an inspection on the governing and general ability of the district, requiring us to realize the importance and seriousness at the level of implementing the political responsibility and to carry out the election works at the level of achieving the goals of the 13th Five-Year Plan and improving the development of green economic zone in which negligence and malpractice are absolutely not allowed. Second, we should carry out our work thoroughly and implement the responsibilities. We should be keenly aware of the qualification that the candidates are required to have, and judge the candidates strictly according to the standard. We should know the procedure of our work well, study and make clear the procedure. We should be aware of what discipline doesn’t allow us to follow and should carry out the discipline strictly. We should understand accountability, study and grasp the policies, keep clear in mind, steady on actions and efficient on results. Third, we should implement the responsibilities of district-level leaders and carry out the responsibility policy for leaders who are in charge of streets and villages. We should implement the first responsibility of the secretary of the Party Working Committee, form a favorable working situation that we should grasp and manage together, and try our best to build a just and transparent condition, thus carrying out the general election in a healthy, smooth and orderly manner.