Li Jun, Deputy Secretary of Lushunkou District Party Committee, Paid Visits and Condolences to People Outside the Party and from Religious Sites

Li Jun, deputy secretary of Lushunkou District Party Committee, paid visits and condolences to people outside the Party and from religious sites and sent them the greetings and great wishes on behalf of “Four Leadership Groups”. Wang Yan, deputy Political Consultative Conference President of Lushunkou District, also took part in the visits.

In house of the 92-year-old man, Ji Zhengfu, Li Jun said that Mr. Ji has been regarded as a symbolization of Lushunkou District, and his great spirit of devoting himself to community harmonious construction has impressed us a lot. As a person outside the Party, he promoted the policies of the Party, which is also respectable. Mr. Ji said that though he was in advanced years, he wanted to be an old man useful to the society and the people, live, and an old man who thinks and eats healthily, keeps exercising and studying, and tries his best to take part in the great construction of the community.

78-year-old Lu Qihua, used to be a college teacher, and worked as a translator in Russia. Whatever she does, she keeps spreading knowledge, friendship and love to others. Li Jun hoped that Mrs. Lu could keep focusing on the development of Lushun, making use of her advantage and contributing to China-Russia friendship.
When visiting Dengfeng Christian Church, Xiaonan Christian Church and Panlongshan Zhengjue Temple, Li Jun hoped that the religions could cooperate with the government and the Party according to the relevant policies, get over the interference from the outside and launch religious activities independently as well. Li Jun also hoped that the religions could well play the unique role of guiding people to spread love and sincere emotions in various aspects, and gather power to construct a better future in Lushun.