Zhuanghe Held the Election Work Training on “Two Committees”

On January 29, Zhuanghe held the election work training on “Two Committees”, conducting a special counseling training to over 300 people including civilian leaders, organization committee members, discipline inspection commission secretaries, civil affairs assistants, and village party instructors.

The training aims to improve the business level of the staff and make clear the election procedures to ensure that the election work is carried out in accordance with the laws and regulations. On the training day of, Lv Yan, vice secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Zhuanghe expounded the discipline in election work. Municipal Organization Department member Teng Handong explained the election procedures in detail. Di Xiangjun, member of Civil Affairs Bureau carried out the comprehensive and detailed business guidance on the problems which should be paid attention to. Everybody noted that they must be serious, operate the election according to the regulations and laws to ensure the steady and smooth village Two Committees” election work.