Party Committee of Marine Fisheries Bureau of Changhai County Holds a Meeting on Study of Three Stricts and Three Earnests

In accordance with the overall plan of the Organization Department of County Party Committee, the Party Committee of Marine and Fisheries Bureau held a conference on study of three stricts and three earnests, which was chaired by Ruan Kebin, party chief and director general. Present at the meeting were members of the leading group and chiefs of subordinate party branches.

To ensure practical value, Party Committee has held relevant learning activities , detailed the plan in advance and solicited public opinions through various forms, such as questionnaires, forums and researches along with wide-ranging conversations and speech outlines. At the meeting, Ruan, on behalf of the leading group made an introspection based on three stricts and three earnests. He highlighted the deficiencies of the leading group in morals, power, business, political disciplines and rules as well as entity responsibilities for Party construction. Then he profoundly analyzed the root causes of these problems in terms of belief, aim awareness, ideology and party-spirit and put forward future orientation and rectification measures. Subsequently, Ruan took the lead in self-examination and self-criticisms with other leaders following suit. In self-criticisms, the attendees focused on loyalty to the party, refusal to corruption, sense of responsibility as well as obedience to political disciplines and rules. Everyone revealed their own problems and proposed the causes and corrective measures. In criticisms, all kept the public interest in mind and honestly pointed out some specific issues. Members of the leading group promised to be open to advice and correct the problems.

In the concluding speech, Ruan summarized three features of this meeting.
First, high effectiveness. All the attendees faced their own problems faithfully without beating around the bush.
Second, topic prominence. Based on the learning requirements of three stricts and three earnests, criticisms were just, focused and practical.
Third, expected resulted achieved. Through a profound analysis of the causes of each problem, everyone had a more comprehensive understanding in ideology and behavior, etc. Ruan required that relevant departments should further consolidate the achievements of this meeting to push forward the construction Changhai County to a new level.