Lushunkou District Held the 2016 Mobilization and Deployment Conference for the Transition of“ The Village Two Committees ”

Recently, Lushunkou District held the 2016 mobilization and deployment conference for the transition of “the village two committees”. Yang Shen, secretary of Lushunkou District Committee of the CPC stressed at the conference that the transition of “the village two committees” is related to the overall situation and it is an arduous task, shouldering huge responsibility which requires all departments carefully to implement the deployment and requirements from the Central Government and Party Committee at provincial, municipal and district level, make joint and practical efforts to provide a solid foundation for the construction of Lushun Green Economy Zone. Lv Lianguang, leader of the supervision team of the second round tour of the Municipal Party Committee, Yi Qingxi, Li Jun, and other officials of Lushunkou District attended the conference seated at the rostrum.

At the conference, Xia Deyong, deputy district mayor explained some issues related to the transition of “the village two committees”. Wu Xingbin, member of the Standing Committee of District Committee and minister of Organization Department deployed the overall transition work according to the unified deployment of Liaoning Province and Dalian City. It is reported that this year’s transition of Village Party Organization will be completed before the end of February and the transition of Village Committee will be finished before the end of March.

Yang Shen required that the District Transition Office, Development Zone and agriculture-related residential districts should practically enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to do a good job in the transition work. The importance of the transition of  “the village two committees ” should be learnt from the perspective of political awareness and overall situation and the transition work should be guided by the principle of managing the party with strict standard. The year’s transition work was conducted at a vital time when the Communist Party of China has been managing itself with strict standards, vigorously promoting the construction of working style and deeply pushing forward anti-corruption campaign, therefore, we must strictly promote, manage and implement the transition work so as to elect a leadership group that can contribute to the prosperity of the village and citizens, create a healthy atmosphere favorable to purifying the political ecology and a good thinking pattern to the benefit of transformation and upgrading. We should consider the transition work as an effective measure of strengthening the building and the ruling foundation of grass-roots organizations. We should practically solve the 4 problems concerning the malpractice working style of government department for the public, open up the last passage for servicing the public and elect outstanding cadres and qualified leadership. We should regard the transition work as an effective measure to unite people and speed up development. We should ensure that we take the matter seriously and plan the measures properly. The transition work should be taken as a central inspection and the further expansion for the education practices and results of education of special topic of “Three Stricts and Three Honests” working style. We should elect a sound leadership so as to make sure a positive political environment and social stability. We should adhere to 5 principles, i.e. we should stick to strict standards in order to make sure the candidates are equipped with correct political awareness and capability; we should adhere to serious disciplinary to guard transition work so as to ensure a positive environment for transition; we should persist in strict procedures to practically secure the democratic rights of party members; we should take care of the ideological work towards the public, thus ensuring the stability of public letters and visits; we should keep propaganda and guidance towards the public so as to create a sound working atmosphere.

Yang Shen stressed that all relevant departments should strengthen communication, closely cooperate with each other, set up regular coordination meeting system, report system on significant problems, notification system and accountability system so as to increase political acumen, pay attention to the conditions of people before election and solve emerging problems with tendencies. Difficulties met in work should be timely addressed and key linkage and key position concerning transition work should be carefully checked and oriented. We should implement responsibility and carry out rectification and reform on ineffective work and measures.

At the conference, on behalf of Municipal Party Committee, Lv Lianguang made requests and specific instructions concerning the 2016 transition of “the village two committees”.

Lushunkou District transition working team and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of agriculture-related residential streets signed official document of discipline of transition with Yang Shen.

The conference was presided over by Yi Qingxi, deputy secretary of Lushunkou District Party Committee and district mayor.