Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Lushunkou District Emphasized 3 Points to Build the CPC Party Work Style and Clean Government

With the Spring Festival approaching, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Lushunkou District emphasized education, system, supervision to implement the building of CPC Party work style and clean government to ensure a good incorrupt Spring Festival.

Efforts should be made in the following three aspects:
Firstly, strengthening the integrity education andringing the alarm bell;  seeking both temporary and permanent solutions vigorously promoting the source control and teaching Party members and cadres lessons through the "Three Stricts and Three Solids" thematic education activity; carrying out honest conversation, reporting on work, special democratic life and so on to strengthen the integrity education and enhance the ideological and moral bottom line.

Secondly, weaving the “Cage” of system, standardizing the power operation;reformulating normative documents and strengthening the supervision and inspection on key link and important areas in combination with the spirit of district committee’s file using system to manage power, matter and people and according to Incorruptible Rules Lushunkou District People Club Bureau.

Thirdly, strengthening the supervision and inspection and promoting the style change; investigating openly and secretly on each office order and service hall and effectively prevent the four trends; monitoring and inspecting the compliance and law-abiding of the staff irregularly and promoting the style change of social system.