The Enlarged Meeting of the 7th Plenary Session of the 17th Congress of the Lushunkou District Youth League Was Held

Lately, the enlarged meeting of the 7th plenary session of the 17th congress of the Lushunkou District Youth League Committee (DYLC) was held. Li Jun, the deputy secretary of Lushunkou District Committee expressed his hope for the DYLC organizations at different levels to adapt to the new normal, to grasp new opportunities, to make new achievements and to guide and unite the youth to act more and contribute more to the building of a green economic zone.  

    It was decided at the meeting that the general requirements of  the Lushunkou DYLC for the year of 2016 are to fully implement the resolutions of the 18th CPC National Congress and the fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC, the speeches given by President Xi and the deployments of the Party Central Committee, and the requirements from the district government. With the aim to maintain and strengthen the sense of politics, advancement and representativeness of the League, the DYLC should root itself in the youth, offer them guidance and service to start their own businesses and grow up to be a useful citizen. The Committee should guide the youth to make more contributions to the coming 13th Five-Year Plan.

“This year is even more crucial to the construction of a comprehensive well-off society and to a good start of the 13th Five-Year Plan, ” Li addressed the meeting, “In the coming new year, we have to grasp more opportunities and act out more duties, and, in order to adapt to the new normal, we have to work out a general plan to guide the youth to a more innovative future and to stronger senses of progress, opportunity and responsibility. The Committee should not only play the role of an organizer and supporter, it should also be the actor and try itself to make some improvements. Moreover, the low-carbon life style should also be encouraged among the young people to participate in and contribute to the innovations of social governance, civilized city construction, environmental protection and comprehensive and harmonious development of the economy and the society. By understanding the new thinking patterns of teenagers, the district will try to promote an atmosphere to build a civilized and better Lushun. With a new method of mobilizing the people, perfecting the working system and performing the requirements, the committee will try to team up a better one to serve the people and the Party. ”

Through voting by raising hands, the resolution of this meeting was deliberated and passed. After that, working experiences were exchanged.