Zhuanghe City Organized Relevant Departments to Listen to or Watch the Phone and TV Conference Concerning Safe Production

On the afternoon of August 15th, Zhuanghe City organized chief leaders of all the towns, villages, streets, parks and member units of municipal government security committee and representatives from such key enterprises as dangerous chemicals and ammonia-related refrigeration enterprises, fireworks wholesale companies, natural gas companies as well as construction enterprises to watch the phone and TV conference concerning safe production at the No. 600 conference room of the municipal government. Li Damin, member of the standing committee of Zhuanghe Municipal Committee and executive deputy mayor, and Li Decai, deputy mayor, also attended the conference.


The National phone and TV conference concerning safe production held by the State Council delivered the vital instructions from President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Li Keqiang and made arrangements for comprehensively carrying out safe production inspection to resolutely restrain the incidence of major accidents of safe production. Later, Liaoning Province and Dalian City held phone and TV conferences as well to make arrangements for relevant work.


At the conference, Li Damin required all the upper and lower departments to put the spirit of the phone and TV conference into effect, promptly implement the safe production inspection, carry out strict law enforcement to ensure actual effects and make meticulous arrangements and well-targeted plans for safe production inspection.


Li Damin stressed that all the relevant departments should implement the accountability system of safe production, work in practical term on ensuring the responsibilities shared by both the Party and the government, one position with two responsibilities and that negligence of duty is accounted for, carry out in-depth safe self-examination and self-correction of hidden dangers, implement comprehensive inspection on hidden dangers in key areas and links and promptly correct the hidden ones if any. Meanwhile, Li Damin required that all the departments should improve emergency plans, intensify emergency drill to improve emergency rescue ability, set up and improve safe production government system by law, strengthen supervision and law enforcement on safe production and raise the fundamental safeguard for safe production so as to create a safe production environment for the economic development of Zhuanghe City as well as the social harmony and stability.