Zhuanghe City held the Red Cross work conference

On August 14, the Red Cross work conference and business training was held in Huabo hotel and attended by Hetong,  Vice Secretary of Zhuanghe Party Committee.


The conference conveyed the spirit of the first People and Organizations Meeting and the tenth Membership Representative Conference of Red Cross, summarized the work in the first half of 2015, and deployed the tasks in the second half year.


Hetong affirmed the work that the Red Cross had done, and pointed out firstly the current work should be problem-oriented, finding out deficiency and then making improvements to work better; secondly, as to rescue capacity, all forces should be  mobilized for further development of the Red Cross to avoid administrativization; thirdly, as one of People and Organizations, Red Cross’s staff should stay close to grass roots to listen to their voices with high sense of responsibility and strong work ethic.


Hetong stressed the Red Cross should carry out the work selectively with the focus on some prominent programs, and solve the practical problems of disadvantaged groups. In addition, the work of the Red Cross deserving  all the street committees’ attention should be extended thoroughly to community by establishing Red Cross organizations, recruiting more volunteers and publicizing the knowledge about the Red Cross.


The township leaders and professionals were trained during the conference.