The Marketing Supervision Administration of Zhuanghe City Inspected the Advertisement Release Condition of Investment Enterprise

Recently, the Marketing Supervision Administration of Zhuanghe City inspected the advertisement release condition of 3 investment managing enterprises in accordance with the law. First, inspect enterprise qualification and the leaflets, scrolls and advertising words in shop of investment products. Second, talk with enterprise leaders about the social harmfulness and legal liability of illegal fund-raising advertisement and activity, which required enterprises to strengthen their management, enhance legal awareness, conscientiously keep away from and boycott illegal fund-raising by strictly following the “Advertisements Law of the People‘s Republic of China” put forward on September, 1st this year. As to the cases of using words like“100% Principal and Interest Guarantee”and“Guarantee Principal and Interest! Only 50 yuan is enough!” in advertisement,  declaring expected investment returns by infringing Advertisements Law and without providing reasonable prompt and warning for the possible existing risks and without assuring corresponding risks and responsibilities, the administration has put all the cases on record and they are being handled at present.