The Market Supervision Administration of Xigang District Accomplished Spot Check Work of the 2014 Annual Enterprise Announcement Successfully

According to the enterprise list of spot check from the higher authorities, 255 corporations were under inspection, including 254 corporations that were inspected at last, 1 corporation with the registration canceled. Among the 255 corporations, 232 corporations got normal results and 23 corporations were written in abnormal list in accordance with “Procedure of Spot Checking Enterprise Announced Information”, because they couldn’t be contacted with the registered addresses. Firstly, organize well the training and directing work of inspectors. Besides relevant staff were organized to participate in the training of spot check conducted by the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and the front inspectors were trained specially and enterprise office of private-owned business supervision was arranged to direct the inspectors in each local supervision office, so that they could be familiar with the working procedure and comprehensive business system application as soon as possible. Secondly, prepare for the inspection carefully. Through comprehensive business system, the enterprises to be inspected were assigned to supervision departments and inspectors respectively. Before the inspectors implemented the spot inspection, it was necessary to check comprehensively to ensure that the relevant information was in accord with the enterprise announcement information. Before the check, they had to contact the enterprises ahead, inform them the inspection items, make check date and tell what the enterprise needed to be prepared for coordinating the inspection. Through the preparation before inspection, inspectors would have a clear understanding of their tasks and goals and prepare more. Thirdly, check and fill in the recording documents carefully. According to the “Procedure of Spot Checking Enterprise Announced Information”, the listed enterprises would be inspected one by one on spots and fill in the “Log Sheet of Spot Checking Enterprise Announcement Information” in order to record the situation objectively and accurately. The enterprises that could be contacted would be stamped on the sheet for confirmation. However, the enterprises that couldn’t be contacted would not only be recorded, but also not be verified by the street or community to ensure the objectivity, justice and accuracy of the inspection results. Fourthly, input the inspection results in time. It was required for inspectors to input the result into the comprehensive business system of Liaoning Province Industrial and Commercial Bureau in the prescribed time. In terms of the normal enterprises, the information was recorded with “normal” marks. In terms of the enterprises listed as abnormal ones, their inspection results should be recorded and they would be marked with “abnormal” too.