Spot Check Results of Enterprise Annual Report Announcement Conducted by the Private-Owned Business Department of Municipal Administration for Industr

From the early in August, the 2013 and 2014 annual enterprise report announcement under administration has been checked randomly. The data of the 225 enterprises selected through shaking number out by the provincial administration was collected by the end of the September and input into the working system, which reached 100% completion rate: Firstly, before the spot check, in accordance with the working responsibility and features of the department, a special meeting for enterprise annual report spot check had been held and the “Provisional Regulation of Enterprise Information Announcement”, “Interim Procedure of Spot Checking Enterprise Announced Information”, “Interim Procedure of Managing Enterprise Exceptional Operation List” and other relevant provisions were studied. Combined with a specific case to research the possible existent problems and counter-measure in the enterprise annual reports, it would be planed and trained beforehand for “fighting no battle unprepared”. Secondly, during the two-month spot check process, the inspectors overcame difficulties like dealing with heavy tasks in very short time, new requirements, unstable and new system which has new functions and so on. The department held a meeting for communication once a week to learn laws, regulations and requirements of documents and discussed their work in accordance with specific problems. In routine work, the inspectors also dealt with various problems at any moment and proposed corresponding solutions. Through the study, professional quality and capability of the leaders were improved greatly and the working efficiency and quality were also enhanced a lot, which built a sound foundation for accomplishing the spot check work successfully. Thirdly, according to the requirements of the higher authorities, the Private-Owned Business Department mainly checked the relevant information of the corporation registration and publicity, including the address, contacts, enterprise existent and developing state, stock rights, foreign investment and operation status, etc. In accordance with the data in comprehensive business system and enterprise credit information announcement system and combined paper checking with site inspection, 225 corporations were inspected, including 145 corporations that got normal result, 79 corporations that were listed in abnormal operation, 10 corporations that couldn’t contact with the registered addresses, 69 corporations that hided real information and made falsification, and 1 corporation that didn’t corporate with seriously. The information mentioned above has been input into the working system.