The Members of Municipal Private Enterprise Association Attended the Promotion Assembly of National Private Economic Development and Cooperation and T

Sponsored by China Private-Owned Business Association, Chengdu Government and Sichuan Province Administration for Industry and Commerce, the“2015 Promotion Assembly of National Private Economic Development and Cooperation” was held grandly from September 19th to 21st in Chengdu, with the theme of “Promoting Development and Cooperating for Win-win Situation” and the purpose was to assemble the system power of the national private associations, bring their advantages of sound organization and member number into full play, build a cooperation and development platform for member enterprises for encouraging them to be stronger, improve the national private associations capability and level of serving support for private enterprises, especially the medium, small and micro-sized ones, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of private economy, popular imbark and innovation. There were four major sections set on the assembly: public report of small and micro-sized enterprises on innovation, negotiation for cooperation and project introduction, promotion exhibition of enterprise characteristics (mainly refer to products), and investment and investigation. The private enterprise association of our city organized actively the members to participate. Through negotiation and project abutment, Dalian Danrui Trading Co. Ltd. has reached an agreement on abutment cooperative projects with three private enterprises present this time, gaining 5 intent cooperative projects, 1 general agency in the northeast area and 2 general agency in Dalian, and the turnover were expected to reach 10 million RMB per year.