The Sub-Bureau of Network Supervision of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Spares No Effort to Strengthen Publicity on Laws and R

Since the beginning of this year, the sub-bureau of network supervision has publicized the laws and regulations on supervision of trade on the internet in many ways, which has enjoyed great popularity among network operators and the masses. First, seize sensible time to strengthen publicity of laws and regulations. Taking the   campaign to observe “315” Consumer Rights Day as an opportunity, relevant laws and regulations on network supervision have been publicized towards the masses through newspapers, radios and multi-medias. Due efforts should be made to seize the opportunity of implementing new laws and regulations and organizing medias to publicize laws and regulations including Provisional Rules for Regulating Centralized Promotion Activities for Network Goods and Services issued by State Administration for Industry and Commerce . Second, deliver laws to the doorstep to meet the need of enterprises. Compile and print 3000 pieces of publicity materials about Internet goods trade, obligations of service staff and case warning, and grant them to network operators. Third, publicize functions of network supervision in terms of key works. During the special campaign called“Red Shield and Network Sword”, the sub-bureau of network supervision released job information towards society in many aspects, including standardizing main network management body, promoting “ presenting the licenses and digital link marks at striking place”, check strictly the extrusive problems of network trade and urge and guide relevant implementation responsibilities of network trade platforms, aiming at promoting lawful operation and fair competition among main bodies of network management and jointly creating a healthy and orderly network market environment.