Enterprises Management Department of Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Prepared Themselves Well for the Non-Directional Spot Check Of

The details are as follow:

1. Collective studying. By holding a series of meetings on studying the relevant policies and guidance and sending the elite leaders to attend higher level training classes, and grasp working procedures, methods and main points to ensure a smooth going of the checking work.

2. Get to know the basic information of enterprises. We should have a very good understanding of the 55 enterprises being checked and through the internet, we should not only know their public information but also their information of registration change and the newest data to record and whether it matches the information the enterprise has shown to the public. The man in charge of the checking in enterprises should be contacted and informed of the time and documents needed for this check.

3. Make clear goal and requirements. The leader, main inspector and assistant inspector should be allocated before the checking and strict procedures must be followed to make sure all the documents are written in  a formal and appreciate way, all the data are concise and all the files are completed so the check can be accomplished efficiently and timely.