Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Carried Out a Specific Activity to Settle Irresponsible Behaviors Among Government Officials

The measures taken are as below:

1. Make sure the leadership is reliable and everyone takes their due duty. The specific plan made for this activity detailed the goal, guiding principal, coverage, content and procedures involved. 8 main irresponsible behaviors were regarded as the focus. This group’s leaders are the secretary of the Bureau Party Committee and the director of the Bureau. Other leaders from the Bureau are deputy group leaders while directors of each department are members of this group. Detailed schedules are also made by different departments to make sure the activity is carried out effectively.

2. Specific measures are put into practice and no step should be skipped. Through topic education on being responsible and efficient, every staff and leader in each department should conduct self-examination to solve one’s own deficiencies so as to have a better performance in future works and set good examples for others.

3. Be honest, efficient and strict. For these hot issues and difficult problems, Supervision Division should put more efforts in checking and examining these irresponsible behaviors so as to push our work forward. By setting up a report box and hot-lines, the Administration is trying to discover every potential problem and settle it immediately.

During the activity, any irresponsible misconduct will be severely punished without mercy. For those who have caused bad impact, not only the person himself will be punished but also his superior leaders.