The Office for Private Enterprise of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce Enhanced the Follow-up Guidance on Enterprises’ Annual Report

Firstly, enhance organization and carry out responsibilities. The office held a special meeting to make arrangements for enterprise information-opening work and the follow-up guidance on annual report. The working pattern was set up in which the main leaders were in charge in person, network supervisors carried out specific tasks by way of wechat official accounts, answering questions on hotline, visiting enterprises to provide guidance to vigorously encourage enterprises to complete annual report information and reduce the amount of business anomaly.


Secondly, optimize service and provide convenience. The office was equipped with a special computer and a relevant professional to present the procedure of enterprise annual report, answer relevant questions and help enterprises to fill in the form in a correct way. Four network supervisors by logging in the information-opening system of enterprise credit via network are able to supervise online the annual report information of the enterprises as well as other situations of open information.


Thirdly, strengthen responsibility and visit enterprises to offer guidance on information-opening of enterprises. After June 30th , the office leaders led the team in person to visit 13 enterprises within the four districts to guide enterprises that applied to be removed from the list of business anomaly to complete annual report and application of opening information. The team would keep tracking and supervising the enterprises that couldn’t finish the annual report on the site until they finished it. Report the difficulties arising from online application to the upper level in time so as to help enterprises address the problems. Carry out on-site check and guidance on those enterprises with wrong and delayed application. Examine the registration items and registered capital and inform the market participants that are no longer in business to cancel the registration in accordance with law.


Fourthly, clean up virtual registration and supervise cancellation of registration. In light of the registration system reform of registered capital that led to the low-threshold of registration, the number of newly registered enterprises rose dramatically in recent two years. The Office for Private Enterprise, taking advantage of this supervision on annual report, communicated with business operators to get a profound understanding of enterprises and urged those enterprises out of operation for years to cancel registration.


Fifthly, continue to strengthen the construction of liaison man system team between the department and the enterprises as well as the construction of wechat official accounts so as to lay a solid foundation for supervision, service, communication, publicity and guidance. Organize 160 enterprise liaison men to study in batches laws and regulations, such as “Provisional Regulations on Enterprise Information-Opening”, “Interim Procedures for List Management of Enterprise Business Anomaly ” and “Interim Procedures for Casual Inspection on Enterprise Information-opening”, to be acquainted with operation guidance of information-opening system.