The Party Committee of Dalian Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce Held a Seminar for the Celebration of 88th Anniversary of the Army Da

As the Army Day approaching, on July 31st, the Party Committee held a seminar for the demobilized soldiers within the Administration to celebrate the 88th anniversary of the Army Day, with the distinguished guest, Tan Chengjun, professor of PLA Dalian Naval Academy. About 50 audience, including heads of the Administration and the demobilized soldiers within the Administration, attended the lecture. Under the theme of 70th anniversary of victory of anti-war, with its vividness in language, richness in content, and meaningfulness in education and inspiration, the seminar strengthened audiences’ awareness of the national defense out of the anti-war history and current international condition through the profound analysis of Anti-Japanese War’s significant influence on Chinese realization of country and nation, on Chinese revolution, and on current Sino-Japanese relation, Sino-American relation, and world peace. Unanimously, the audience regarded that seminar not only as heads’ encouragement for the demobilized soldiers within the Administration, but also a special lecture on the national defense. They all expressed their determination of keeping the national interests in mind and fulfilling their duties and responsibilities, and thus make greater contribution to the development of the undertaking of industry and commerce.