Lushunkou District Labor Inspection Team Manages People with System to Enhance the Efficiency of Labor Inspection and Law Enforcement

In order to strengthen the construction of inspection capacities on labor security and coordinate the labor relationships, Lushunkou District Labor Inspection Team has taken measure many measures simultaneously so as to add several systems, improve work style and enhance enforcement efficiency with full strength.


Establish the leave system. Based on the previous leave systems, more strict requirements are needed. The leave registration within one day can be approved by the director of department and if it is over one day over, the leave application form is a must and should be approved by both the department director and the head of the Team. The new leave system includes more strict disciplines and requirements to restrict team members’ behaviors, thus having improved the work efficiency, rectified the work attitudes and been more responsible for the laborers and enterprises.


Establish the registration system for going out. Every member in the Team is asked to register for going out and the details of the reasons, time for going out and returning should also be recorded. The registration for going out, on the one hand, contributes a lot to guide and restrain members’ behaviors, on the hand makes the statistics on routine work more convenient and easy, which serves as a favorable tool to standardize and check out checkers’ case handling.


Execute the system of primary responsibility of inspectors. Whoever becomes the first one receives reports and complaints from the masses, it is a must for him/her to see the issue through and other checkers must cooperate perfectly accordingly. It’s necessary to receive the masses with hospitality and passion, and the questions found should be registered timely, investigated and dealt with. As to the issues that are not within the power scopes of the administrative units of its own, the officer should tell the person concerned to report to the proper departments and institutions.