Market Supervision Bureau in Xigang District Launched Various Campaigns in Cracking Down on Pyramid Scheme

To further enhance the residents’ consciousness of preventing and resisting pyramid scheme, form a favorable atmosphere in fighting against pyramid sales and thoroughly eliminate the indispensible “living soil” of pyramid scheme, Administrative Bureau for Industry and Commerce joint hands with the member units of “Office for Fighting against Pyramid Scheme” in Xigang District to carry out various campaigns in cracking down on pyramid scheme in communities. The law enforcement officers explained laws and regulations such as Prohibition of Pyramid Schemes Ordinance and Administration Regulations for Direct Selling in detail to residents by posting picture poster, hanging banners and delivering materials, etc. They showed vivid cases to reveal the essence, form and harmfulness of pyramid scheme and made targeted publicity and education work on key areas, groups and process. More than 1300 pieces of publicity materials were delivered with over 1000 people being educated. This publicity fosters a favorable atmosphere in cracking down on pyramid scheme.