Changhai County Market Supervisory Authority Focused on Improving Review Efficiency

The first is to be simple. The administrative review process should be simplified and every department should have clear duty. Two special sessions have been chaired to make it clear that the Market Supervision Department is in charge of substantial review to applied places and papers; Catering Service Supervision and Management Department and Food Production and Circulation Supervision and Management Department is responsible for process review; Registration Department takes charge of printing licenses and working processes. It simplified the process, clarified responsibility and task, and highlighted the lawful accountability of Market Supervision Department. The second is to be rapid. The review channel should be rapid and convenient to perform. In order to make the process of applying licenses more available, the approval process has been reduced to 11 from 17. Moreover, a simple flow chart was drafted and a promise was made to ensure that from the basic level review to printing and issuing, no delay will exist and that customs will get the license and start their business shortly. The third is to be efficient. The review service and its efficiency should be improved. While guaranteeing the simple and rapid service, staffs with high quality should be sent to carry out door-to-door administrative guidance from hardware input to software management with 126 administrative instructions. The newly registered customs should be inducted to carry out their business according to the law, and should enjoy the privilege of following-up supervision and instruction. All the departments should fulfill their ability to provide services and instructions and maximize the efficiency of supervision.