Emergency Material Warehouses Were Raided by Safety Supervision Bureau of Changhai County

Recently, according to the requirements of “the notice on handling well the work of  data update on the emergency response platform in the first half of 2015” by the Office of Emergency Response, Safety Supervision Bureau of Changhai County organized law enforcement officials raid emergency supplies and equipment in the emergency material warehouses of Dalian Changshan Fuel Storage of PetroChina, Dalian Changhai Shipyard co., Ltd, and Changhai County Fuda Firework Co., Ltd in the jurisdiction of Changhai County to ensure timely and effective response to hazardous chemical and work accidents.


The inspection shows that all of them can provide independent material warehouses and have placed the emergency material orderly and neatly. Besides, they have a ledger for reserved materials and have assigned professionasl to manage it. What’s more, regularly check on reserved materials was carried out. However, there still exist some problems in the management of emergency supplies. First, some materials are not timely supplemented after being used. Second, expired materials because of long-term storage are not substituted. Third, some materials  lack  timely maintenance. As for those problems, Safety Supervision Bureau of Changhai County urges the companies to rectify, and then review them.