Government Security Committee of Changhai County released a security risk warning of safe work accidents in the third quarter

According to the statistic analysis of Changhai County in recent years, the third quarter is a period of time when multiple kinds of accidents frequently occur and according to the forecast by meteorological department, 1 to 2 tropical cyclones in midsummer will affect the county directly or indirectly. To take various precautions and ensure safe and stable production, the county government released a security risk warning of safe work accidents in the third quarter on July 3.


The first is on fisheries and mariculture. Third quarter is a period of fishing ban as well as typhoon and flood, and a large number of fishing boats moor in fishing harbor, natural harbor or anchorage. The possibility of catching fire, capsizing, sinking, getting lost, and drowning of shipman increases, which are caused by careless use of fire and climate variability. So the releasing and receiving of forecasts at sea should be on time. The fishermen should organize teams before sailing, make sure smooth communication with others, be equipped with navigation equipment and shall not sail in strong windy days or without wearing life jackets. Safety supervision on diving production should be strengthened, and illegal activities should be severely punished. Besides, rollover and collision of tractors in mariculture are easy to occur, so illegal practice such as cargo load should be severely prosecuted.


The second is on transportation and port security. Due to the coming of peak travel period in the county, people as well as vehicles pour into islands, which increases pressure for transportation and port security. So the safe dispatching of ships and passenger traffic should be strengthened. The safety management of shipping order as well as security check of dangerous and flammable items should be enhanced. Acts such as illegal operation of vehicles and vessels, overloading or carrying dangerous and flammable items should be prohibited. Carrying passengers illegally and “three excesses” in the road traffic of the fishing vessels and freighter should also be cracked down on.


The third is on construction. Third quarter is hot and rainy. Urban infrastructure and construction projects are in busy season of construction, thus the possibility of collision of deep foundation, trench and staging, altitude falling, and mechanical injury accidents increases. Firstly, the security management of installation and removal of building crane, material hoist, lifting cradle, and reinforcement measures needs to be strengthened to prevent collapse accidents. Secondly, we should reinforce the tracking and monitoring on construction site slope and residential areas which does help to prevent mass injuries. Thirdly, we should strengthen the safety knowledge of employees, especially the training education for hazard identification and emergency rescue.


The fourth is on land work. Summer is a season with occupational heat stroke and poisoning due to hot weather and high humidity. On land work such as construction sites, shipbuilding, factories should pay attention to prevent the occurrence of heat stroke of workers. Meanwhile, workers who work in narrow, enclosed, and semi-enclosed space should also be provided with safety protection, and should wear gas masks if necessary. Specially-assigned person should keep watch on worksites to prevent workers being poisoned, lack of oxygen and so on. In addition, the risk of electric shock in shipbuilding companies and aquatic products processing enterprises increases, especially in staff centralized places in cold storage and seaside workshops where the insulation class of electrical equipment decreases under hot weather, and electric shock and lightning accident are very likely to happen.


The fifth is on hazardous chemicals as well as inflammable and explosive items. With the combination of high -temperature and thunderbolt, the risk of fire, explosion, and poisoning in production equipment, pipes, raw materials and products as well as the possibility of the leakage of liquid ammonia plant increase. Besides, inflammable and explosive items warehouses and storage tanks are more likely to be struck by lightning. So we must strengthen the supervision on lightning protection facilities of production equipment of dangerous chemicals, ammonia refrigeration and raw material storage tanks. And we should also take cooling measures such as sunshades and water spray and carry out regular inspection to avoid accidents.


The sixth is on tourism. Upon the coming of island tourism peak, the illegal use of fishing vessels to pick up tourists for sightseeing and fishing should be put an end to prevent various types of accidents such as capsizing and drowning. Besides, in order to crack down on illegal business activities like sightseeing and fishing of unlicensed ships, the limited capacity management for sighting and fishing should be clarified given the increasing risk of shipwreck, drowning and personnel missing, In addition, examination and approval of large-scale events should be stricter.