Changhai County earnestly implemented work on simplifying Childbirth processes and delegating powers

In order to implement “Announcement on Simplifying Childbirth Processes and Delegating Powers” of Health and Family Planning Committee, Changhai Country Health and Family Planning Bureau expanded publicity activities, to ensure policies implemented in practice and benefit people.


There are five differences comparing with previous policies. The first one is autonomous arrangement. According to the new policy, couples who plan to have the first or another child can register before or after pregnancy or after delivery. The second one is to delegate powers for the childbirth registration. Couples who plan to have the first child can go to their village committee to register, those who are having another child can go to their town government to register, and the county Health and Family Planning Bureau is delegated the power to review re-birth according to the 20th regulation. The third one is to replace individuals’ marriage and childbirth certificates with personal announcement. It aims at exempting the trouble of clients’ working places and residential places. The fourth one is that there is no need to provide marriage and childbirth certificates when applying for the Honor Certificate for the Parents of a Single Child. The fifth one is to entrust others with the childbirth application.


Changhai County Health and Family Planning Bureau also revised documents in accordance with the practice to make childbirth special seal and to put forward specific requirements for information verification, working processes, archives management and staff responsibility. It is aimed to simplify applying processes, shorten handling time, save people’ cost and humanize services.