Notice of the General Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government on Praising the Office of the Municipal Leading Group for Combating Illegal Fund

The people's governments of all districts, cities and counties, the administrative committees of all pilot districts, all commissions and bureaus of the municipal government, all institutions directly under the municipal government, and all relevant units:

In recent years, the situation of illegal fund-raising is grim, with frequent and high incidence of cases, constant accumulation of risks in key industries and key areas, continuous outbreak of major cases, great pressure on maintaining stability in letters and visits, and heavy tasks in dealing with illegal fund - raising.  The municipal leading group office for illegal fund-raising disposal ( hereinafter referred to as the " municipal non-governmental office" ) under the strong guidance of the national and provincial non-governmental offices, under the strong leadership of the municipal party Committee and the municipal government, and with the active cooperation of the member units of each group, takes the initiative to take the initiative to tackle the difficulties, adhering to the principle of " source containment, moving forward the threshold, simultaneous investigation and prevention, blocking and dredging", focusing on risk prevention and control, and based on its responsibilities and mission.  All - round strengthening of non-propaganda and education, improvement of monitoring, early warning and investigation mechanism, steady promotion of case handling, and effective handling of letters and visits to maintain stability have achieved remarkable results, effectively resolved risks, safeguarded the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and created a good environment for the stable development of local economy and society.

In the specific work, the municipal and provincial non-governmental organizations have fully affirmed many innovative affairs, such as the shooting of non-public welfare propaganda films, the publication of information about illegal fund-raising advertisements issued by enterprises, the holding of the city's wealth management elite competition, and the establishment of "community financial service stations". They have been introduced and promoted as typical experiences in the national non-governmental organization meetings for five consecutive years and ranked first in the comprehensive management assessment of non-governmental organizations for seven consecutive years.  In the reception of the national key case "Ezubao", the municipal non-governmental organization has the courage to take on the responsibility and voluntarily makes regular visits to resolve conflicts in the local area.  The state and the provincial non-governmental organizations have sent many letters of thanks to the municipal party Committee and the municipal government, giving full affirmation to the non-governmental organizations in our city.

In order to commend the advanced, set up a model, and further carry forward the work style of "focusing on hard work, strengthening implementation and grasping implementation", the municipal government decided to give notice of commendation to the municipal non-governmental organization.  It is hoped that the Municipal Office of Non - governmental Affairs will continue its efforts, maintain its honor, create a new situation in non-governmental affairs and further create a good environment for the stable development of local economy and society.  All units in the city should follow the example of the non-governmental organizations in the city, hold high the great banner of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, fully implement the decision-making arrangements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, firmly establish the "four consciousness", firmly implement the " four self - confidence", carry out the " two maintenances", Do not forget your initiative mind, firmly remember the mission, lay stress on hard work, enforce the implementation and grasp the implementation, take on new responsibilities and new actions with new atmosphere, accelerate the construction of the " two first districts", and strive to write a new chapter of Dalian's overall revitalization and all-round revitalization.