Notice on the Implementation Plan for Further Promoting Logistics Cost Reduction and Efficiency Promotion to the Development of the Real Economy(二)

四. Improve the operational efficiency of the logistics industry

(十一) It should on promoting the informatization and digitalization of logistics activities, and promoting the innovation and development of third-party logistics information platforms such as transportation distribution, tracking monitoring and inventory monitoring based on big data. ( led by the Municipal Port Administration and coordinated by the Municipal Economic and Social Commission ) The application of electronic documents such as electronic face sheets will be promoted in the postal express delivery industry and the utilization rate will reach 90 % by the end of 2018 ( led by the Municipal Postal Administration )

(十二) By actively promoting the construction of the Dalian city distribution information network platform, and integrating the social scattered capacity and logistics distribution demand information, it can promote the effective docking of goods, reduce transportation costs and save energy. Through the establishment of the "Internet + freight" service model, it can provide citizens with convenient, efficient and safe means of freight forwarding, effectively alleviating the problem of difficult and expensive transportation in the freight market. The pilot of non-vehicle carriers has been actively launched, supervising the enterprises that have been included in the pilot of non-vehicle carriers in the Ministry of Communications, standardizing their operation behavior, promoting the construction of credit system, innovating their operation management mode, and establishing and perfecting the standards and norms of non-vehicle carriers in information sharing, transportation organization and operation services. ( led by the Municipal Transportation Bureau )

(十三) Actively promote intelligent storage. Efforts should be made to promote the application of advanced information technology and equipment, promote the transformation and upgrading of warehousing enterprises, and improve the operational efficiency and warehousing management level of warehousing, transportation, sorting and packaging. It is also necessary to support Support large-scale warehousing and logistics enterprises to establish a development model of combining warehousing and distribution operations, warehouse allocation, warehouse receipt pledge, and financial leasing, and construct intelligent three-dimensional warehousing, and processing and sorting systems, so as to improve the intelligent and flexible level of warehousing and distribution centers. ( led by the Municipal Port Bureau and coordinated by the Municipal Economic and Social Commission )

(十四) Strengthen the construction of logistics loading unit. Efforts should be made to strengthen the matching of logistics standards and promote 1200 mm× 1000 mm standard pallets and 600 mm× 400 mm basic packaging modules. In the fields of fast-selling products, agricultural products, medicines and e-commerce express delivery, special funds are used to encourage enterprises to apply and promote the use and recycling of standard loading unit appliances. By 2020, a number of key enterprises will be formed to share standard pallets circularly. The utilization rate of standard pallets in key enterprises will reach 80 %. ( led by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce ) It is demanded to encourage postal express delivery enterprises to apply standardized packaging boxes, pallets, turnover boxes, containers and other upstream and downstream facilities and equipment, promote the circulation and sharing of standard loading unit appliances, do a good job in linking up with relevant transportation tools, improve turnover efficiency, and reduce packaging, distribution and other costs. ( led by the Municipal Postal Administration )

(十五) Promote the standardization of logistics vehicles. It is necessary to increase the efforts of vehicle transport vehicles to complete the renovation and transformation of unqualified vehicle transport vehicles by the end of 2018, and realize the "single-row car" to "standard car". (The Municipal Transportation Bureau takes the lead, the Municipal Public Security Bureau cooperates)


五. Promote the coordinated development of logistics industry

(十六) Promote the coordinated development of the logistics industry and the manufacturing industry. It is necessary to strengthen the research and development of logistics core technologies and equipment, and guide the standardization construction and transformation of warehousing, transshipment facilities and transportation tools. It is necessary to promote the R&D and promotion of Dalian enterprises in logistics technology and equipment such as intelligent storage equipment, automatic sorting, and intelligent material handling equipment.(Municipal Economic and Information Committee takes the lead) By the end of 2018, a joint implementation plan will be formulated to organize and implement the joint demonstration project. By the end of 2019, a number of demonstration enterprises for the joint development of manufacturing and logistics industries will be fostered.(Municipal Pot Bureau takes the lead) It is necessary to encourage express delivery enterprises to meet the needs of transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industries, provide refined and professional express delivery services, and improve the operational efficiency of enterprises.( Municipal postal administration takes the lead ) It is important to bring electronic signature, electronic authentication, network transaction, online payment, logistics distribution, credit evaluation, integration of Internet of Things, automation and other technologies based on the third-party e-commerce and transaction service platform, a modern logistics management and supply chain management system integration platform, a third-party logistics operation for enterprises in different fields, and enterprises in supply chain management technology and other fields into the reserve bank of high-tech enterprises to foster and support qualified logistics enterprises to declare high-tech enterprises. (The Municipal Science and Technology Bureau takes the lead)

(十七) Promote the diversified and coordinated development of e-commerce logistics. It is necessary to actively promote the implementation of the “China (Dalian) Cross-border E-Commerce Comprehensive Experimental Zone Implementation Plan” issued by the provincial government. By the end of 2018, it will establish and operate a cross-border e-commerce airport express mail supervision center, and promote the development of cross-border e-commerce airport express mail business. It will establish a cross-border e-commerce direct shipping purchase supervision site and promote the effective development of direct shipping purchases. It is necessary to speed up the provision of refrigeration and refrigeration equipment, ensure the continuous chain of cold chain transportation, and provide a good guarantee for fresh e - commerce. By the end of 2019, the public welfare monitoring platform for cold chain logistics will be completed and used. (The Municipal Bureau of Commerce takes the lead) It is necessary to strengthen the strategic cooperation with express delivery enterprises, focusing on the construction of industrial parks such as the International Air Express Industry Park, the E-Commerce Cooperative Development Industrial Park, and the China Post Group Dalian E-Commerce Demonstration Park. At least one park will be put into use by 2018. (Municipal Postal Administration takes the lead)

(十八) Promote the coordinated development of various modes of transport. It is necessary to actively promote the formation of an integrated transportation development system and mechanism, accelerate the promotion of comprehensive transportation hubs for highways, railways and waterways such as Dalian North Railway Station, Dalian Bay and Zhuanghe, and strengthen the effective connection between highways, urban public transport and other subways, railways and civil aviation. By promoting the deep integration of various modes of transportation, the combined efficiency of comprehensive transportation can be brought into play, the transportation cost can be reduced, and the transportation efficiency can be improved. (The Municipal Transportation Bureau and the Municipal Port Bureau take the lead) Efforts should be made to promote the implementation of the national multimodal transport demonstration project and promote the upgrading of equipment technology, the innovation of intermodal mode and the sharing of information. The demonstration effect and application of the demonstration project of the national container sea-rail combined transport Internet of Things (Dalian Port) will promote the level of multimodal transport services. (Municipal Port Bureau takes the lead)


六. Guarantee the supply of development factors in the logistics industry

(十九) Strengthen the planning and land use support for logistics development. In the preparation of the overall land use planning, the connection with the city's overall planning, transportation, logistics special planning and other related planning can guarantee the implementation of the planning logistics land. In the new annual construction plan indicator arrangement for construction land, priority will be given to the development of land for logistics industry such as logistics parks and distribution centers. For those who use old factories, warehouses and existing land resources of industrial enterprises to build logistics facilities or provide logistics services, if the transfer or lease of the original allocated land use right is involved, the procedures for paid use of land shall be handled in accordance with relevant regulations. Further compressing the approval time limit can improve the approval efficiency. Key logistics infrastructure will be included in the green channel approval, and the approval time limit will be reduced to 40 % of the national statutory approval time limit. (The Municipal Land and Housing Bureau takes the lead)

(二十) Expand the financing channels of logistics enterprises. It is necessary to support banking institutions to implement the policies and measures of the People's Bank of China and the Bank of China Insurance Supervision and Management Commission, explore the development of financial products and service models suitable for the characteristics of logistics enterprises, and provide comprehensive financial support for logistics enterprises. By promoting cooperation between financial institutions and logistics companies, the financing channels for logistics enterprises will be broadened. It is necessary to support banking institutions to explore and cooperate with logistics enterprises to develop electronic systems.( Municipal Finance Bureau takes the lead and Dalian Central Sub - branch of the People's Bank, Dalian Banking Regulatory Bureau and the Municipal Port Bureau cooperate) Under the guidance of Dalian Industrial ( Venture ) Investment Guidance Fund, it will promote the establishment of logistics industry investment sub-fund and guide social capital to participate in Dalian's logistics industry construction. It is important to support qualified logistics companies to issue corporate bonds and broaden financing channels. (The Municipal Development and Reform Commission takes the lead, the Municipal State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission and the Municipal Port Bureau cooperate)

(二十一) Strengthen the open sharing of logistics data. Efforts should be made to promote the disclosure of relevant logistics data in the fields of roads, railways, aviation, water transport, postal services, public security, industry and commerce, customs, inspection and quarantine. (All relevant departments are responsible for the division of responsibilities according to their responsibilities) Dalian Intelligent Logistics Public Information Platform is rapidly built to provide convenience for industry enterprises to inquire and organize logistics activities. It is necessary to combine the big data application specialization to carry out the demonstration of logistics big data application, provide basic support for improving the efficiency of logistics resource allocation, and accelerate the informationization construction of logistics park.( Municipal Port Bureau takes the lead)

(二十二) Establish and improve the credit system of the logistics industry. In accordance with the overall requirements of the State Council's social integrity system and the unified collection and publicity of government departments' corporate information, the sharing and exchange of corporate information between government departments has been continuously promoted through the Dalian Public Credit Information Service Platform and Dalian Corporate Credit Information Sharing and Exchange Platform, with emphasis on the collection and publicity of administrative licensing and administrative punishment information, providing a basis for coordinated supervision and joint punishment among government departments and jointly promoting the standardized development of the logistics market. By the end of 2018, it aims to launch the " Dalian Enterprise Credit Information Sharing and Exchange Platform" throughout the city. (The Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce take the lead)

(二十三) Promote the development of innovation in the field of logistics. By further promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of logistics, local protection and industry monopoly can be broken, the institutional barriers that restrict logistics cost reduction, efficiency increase and innovation development can be removed, and the establishment of a " single window" for approval in the field of logistics will be explored. By strengthening scientific and technological innovation, management innovation and mechanism innovation, it will promote the development of new logistics formats and models and form replicable and replicable development experiences. ( The Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Transportation Bureau, the Municipal Port Bureau and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce are responsible according to the division of responsibilities )


All relevant departments must conscientiously implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council. In accordance with the work requirements of the provincial party committee, the provincial government, the municipal party committee and the municipal government, it is crucial to fully recognize the importance of logistics cost reduction and efficiency increase to deepen the supply-side structural reform and promote the development of the real economy. It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership, clarify the division of tasks, and in light of the actual situation of the department, thoroughly implement the various policies and measures clarified in this implementation plan, and solidly promote relevant work.