Notice on the Implementation Plan for Further Promoting Logistics Cost Reduction and Efficiency Promotion to the Development of the Real Economy(一)

Notice of the General Office of the Dalian Municipal People's Government on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for Further Promoting Logistics Cost Reduction and Efficiency Promotion to Promote the Development of the Real Economy


The people's governments of all districts, cities and counties, the administrative committees of the pilot areas, the relevant departments of the municipal government, and the relevant units:

"Dalian City's implementation plan to further promote logistics cost reduction and efficiency increase to promote the development of the real economy" was reviewed and approved by the 17th executive meeting of the 16th People's Government of Dalian, and is now printed and distributed to you. Please implement it conscientiously in light of the actual situation.

General Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government

August 30, 2018


Dalian's Implementation Plan for Further Promoting Logistics Cost Reduction and Efficiency Increase to Promote Real Economic Development


In order to implement the " Liaoning Provincial People's Government Office's Implementation Opinions on Further Promoting Logistics Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement to Promote Real Economy Development"(No.119 in 2017 of Liaoning Provincial People's Government Office), improve the development level of the logistics industry in this city and promote the healthy development of the real economy, the following implementation plan is hereby proposed in combination with the actual situation in this city. 

一. Reduce the institutional cost of the logistics industry

(一) Optimize road transportation and docking management. It is necessary to implement the relevant requirements of the Ministry of Transport on the management of low-risk gas road transportation, optimize the management of some low-risk gas roads, and limit the supply of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, helium and other inert gases to the general cargo transportation management to reduce the burden on enterprises. (The City Transportation Bureau takes the lead)

It is necessary to screen enterprises that participate in urban distribution business throughout the city. Relying on the backbone enterprises and alliance management, with the methods of unified vehicle identification, unified service standards and unified supervision and management, on the basis of the establishment of 200 distribution vehicles, the scale of urban distribution fleets will be continuously expanded, and opinions will be issued to encourage the implementation of urban distribution transportation and vehicle traffic management. (The Municipal Transportation Bureau takes the lead and the Municipal Public Security Bureau cooperates) to rationally plan and determine the traffic vehicles' transit areas, time slots and docking and unloading areas, and improve the road traffic signs and markings related to vehicle distribution and docking. (The Municipal Public Security Bureau takes the lead)

(二) Standardize road freight law enforcement. It is necessary to strictly implement the list of road freight penalties and announce relevant penalties to the public. It is necessary to strictly implement the supervision of key source of freight, "one over four punishments", and strictly enforce the law enforcement procedures for freight vehicles. It is necessary to improve the road reporting and reporting platform for road law enforcement and smooth the channels for complaints and reports. (The Municipal Transportation Bureau takes the lead, the Municipal Public Security Bureau cooperates.) Highway freight fines are turned over to the government in accordance with the relevant provisions on non-tax revenue collection management, and the separation of fines is implemented. Efforts should be made to improve the financial support mechanism for road freight law enforcement. (The Municipal Transportation Bureau takes the lead, the Municipal Public Security Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau cooperate)

(三) Improve the road freight license examination and vehicle inspection and inspection system. It is necessary to further improve the qualifications and credit management system for road freight drivers, and use information technology to promote illegal and untrustworthy and handling. By gradually establishing illegal information sharing and restriction mechanisms for employees and integrating data resources, data interconnection and intercommunication among various business systems can be realized, and " one illegal place is restricted everywhere" in the industry can be realized (The Municipal Transportation Bureau takes the lead).

It should cancel the compulsory inspection policy for the secondary maintenance of the operating vehicle, cancel the secondary maintenance record card. The maintenance period shall be reasonably determined by the operators according to the type of vehicles, mileage, operating conditions, road conditions, service life, etc., and the management of vehicle technical files shall be strengthened to facilitate the operators to carry out the annual inspection of vehicles. (The Municipal Transportation Bureau takes the lead) the city's vehicle inspection marks are subject to online auditing and remote issuance. Ordinary freight vehicles are allowed to choose their own inspection agencies in the whole city, and they can be inspected in different places throughout the province without any entrustment inspection procedures ( except for vehicles that are not allowed to be inspected in different places ). (The Municipal Public Security Bureau takes the lead)

(四) Streamline the filing procedures of the branches and end outlets of express delivery enterprises. It is necessary to push forward the implementation of the " one - shot, multiple - address" reform measures in the express delivery industry, if the branches of the express delivery enterprise are engaged in express delivery business, they shall register with the administrative department for industry and commerce where the branches are located on the strength of the express delivery business license and the attached list of branches. The implementation of the " Provisional Regulations on Express Delivery" can guide express delivery enterprises and their branches to carry out the filing work at the end of the enterprise. It is demanded to strictly implement the policy of decoupling the professional skills confirmation of express operators from the business license of express delivery. (Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce takes the lead, with the cooperation of the Municipal Postal Administration )

(五) Deepen the reform of freight clearance. By establishing a long-term mechanism to reduce the customs clearance time of goods, the customs clearance time will reach the national average. According to the unified deployment of the General Administration of Customs, the application of the " single window" standard version of international trade will be promoted. ( Dalian Customs takes the lead and relevant units cooperate )


二. Reduce the operating costs of the logistics industry

(六) Improve the relevant tax policies in the field of logistics. According to the national unified deployment, the reform of value-added tax rate in all aspects of logistics will be carried out. Efforts should be taken to improve the management system for individual taxpayers in the transportation industry to issue value-added tax invoices on behalf of other places, promote the connection between the tax system and the road toll system, and issue value-added tax invoices for highway tolls on the basis of a unified toll invoice service platform nationwide. (The Municipal Taxation Bureau and the Municipal Finance Bureau are responsible for ) If logistics enterprises purchase fixed assets, pay crossing fees and property insurance premiums to obtain valid deduction vouchers, they are allowed to be deducted as input tax in accordance with relevant regulations. It is necessary to strictly implement the preferential policy of halving the urban land use tax for the land used for logistics enterprises' bulk storage facilities. (Responsible by the Municipal Tax Bureau)

(七) Adjust port charges. " Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission of the Ministry of Transport on Printing and Distributing" Port Charges and Charges "(No.104 in 2017 of the Ministry of Transport) will be implemented to improve the mechanism for the formation of port service prices. (Municipal Port Bureau takes the lead and Dalian Port Group cooperates)


三. Consolidate the Basis of Efficiency Increase in Logistics Industry

(八) Strengthen the construction of logistics network system. It is demanded to improve the cross-border trains between China and Europe and Russia, and improve the service capacity and level of the cross-border transport links between Dalian and Russia and Europe. Efforts should be taken to improve the scale of foreign trade transfer and the service capacity of the Bohai Rim spur line. (Municipal Port Bureau takes the lead and Dalian Port Group cooperates) to build a high-quality rapid transportation network and high-efficiency ordinary trunk network, and accelerate the construction of key infrastructure such as the first phase of Bohai Avenue, the central passage of Dalian to Lushun, and the inter-city railway of Jinpu, optimize the layout, promote convergence and improve quality. Efforts should be taken to accelerate the construction of the Tongtun Oil Road and the " Four Good Rural Roads" and push forward the efforts to tackle poverty through transportation. By strengthening the upgrading and renovation of low-standard sections of national and provincial trunk lines and major and medium-sized repair projects, key nodes such as ports, tourism, economic parks and highway exits will be opened to form a balanced structure of regional, urban-rural and inter-city transportation infrastructure supply, improving the networking level and operation efficiency of transportation infrastructure.( Municipal Transportation Bureau takes the lead)

(九) Strengthen the construction of important node collection and distribution facilities. It is necessary to combine the “Belt and Road Initiative” to promote the internationalization of node layout and actively participate in the construction and operation of Djibouti Port. (Dalian Port Group takes the lead) to further improve the collection and distribution system of important logistics hubs such as Dayaowan Port, Nanguanling Railway Freight Hub and Zhoushuizi Airport Freight Hub. It should give play to the role of government investment, guide enterprises and social capital, accelerate the construction of important transportation infrastructures such as road and railway branch lines and Unicom logistics hub stations. (The Municipal Development and Reform Commission takes the lead and the Municipal Transportation Bureau cooperates) to support the construction of logistics and transportation infrastructure projects such as the Dayaowan Deepwater Channel and the Dalian Northeast Asia International Shipping Center “Asia-Pacific-Northeast Region” channel container sea-rail public multimodal demonstration project.(Municipal Port Bureau takes the lead )

(十) Gradually improve the city's urban and rural logistics network nodes. With the implementation of " Notice on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for Promoting the Healthy Development of Rural Logistics in Dalian to Accelerate the Construction of Modern Circulation System of Agricultural Products"(No.190 in 2015 of the Dalian Municipal Transportation Bureau), the construction of three-level logistics nodes will be implemented step by step in strict accordance with the planning requirements, the infrastructure network of county and rural three-level logistics nodes will be gradually improved, cooperation between transportation, supply and marketing, postal services, express delivery and other departments and enterprises will be strengthened, and the sharing and connection of logistics service networks and facilities will be promoted. ( led by the Municipal Transportation Bureau ) Efforts will be made to promote the construction of express delivery outlets, and comprehensively improve the coverage of smart courier boxes. The proportion of boxes will increase by 2 percentage points compared with last year, speeding up the layout of end nodes, supporting multi-station integration and resource sharing. Strengthen the safety supervision capacity building of the delivery channel, and realize the tracking and real-time inquiry of the whole process of the delivery logistics activities. A full coverage of the shipment real-name rate will be reached by the end of 2018. (Municipal Postal Administration takes the lead)