Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the Dalian Municipal People's Government on Promoting Pilot Demonstration

People's governments of various agriculture-related districts, cities and counties, administrative committees of various agriculture-related pilot districts, relevant departments of the municipal government, and relevant units:

In order to implement the Notice of the General Office of the Liaoning Provincial People's Government of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee on Printing and Distributing the Implementation Plan for the Three-Year Action Plan for the Rehabilitation of Rural Human Settlements in Liaoning Province (2018-2020) (No.67 in 2018 of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee) and the Guiding Opinions of the Leading Group Office of Rural Human Settlement Remediation in Liaoning Province on Promoting Pilot Demonstration Work of Rural Human Settlements in Liaoning Province(No.1 in 2018 of the agricultural environment management office), accelerate the pilot demonstration work for rural human settlements renovation in Dalian and explore and summarize the successful experiences and practices that can be replicated, the following opinions are hereby put forward with the approval of the municipal government. 


一. Work targets

By the end of 2018, the annual implementation plan for rural human settlements remediation will be completed, and a set of rural human settlements remediation models and methods suitable for the region will be formed, laying a solid foundation for comprehensive rectification in 2019 and 2020.

二. Experimental tasks

(一) Govern the appearance of villages. Efforts should be made to carry out the management of public spaces and courtyards, dismantle private buildings and heaps of rubble, carry out architectural design to the countryside. According to regional characteristics, traditional customs and ethnic characteristics, it will compile a standard atlas of rural residential housing construction and upgrade rural buildings. It is necessary to promote the comprehensive utilization of crop straws, reduce the random accumulation of crop straws and prohibit open burning. It is necessary to implement village greening, make full use of idle land for afforestation, and strive to build a number of green ecological villages. It is necessary to increase the number of rural trunk road lighting facilities in an appropriate amount and improve the village public lighting facilities. And it is important to comprehensively clean up the haystacks, manure piles, garbage dumps and off-highway signs in the roads of villages and rural roads, and help the construction of beautiful and livable villages.

(二) Govern the rural household waste. According to local conditions, it is necessary to establish a model suitable for local garbage treatment, improve the layout of garbage collection, transportation and centralized treatment facilities, speed up the establishment and improvement of the rural domestic garbage treatment system, and establish a long-term operation and management mechanism. It should strengthen the construction of cleaning teams and improve the environmental sanitation management and cleaning system. Efforts should be made to carry out investigation and control of informal garbage dumps, to solve the problems of scattered garbage stacking, random garbage stacking, and unmanned management and protection, and to thoroughly remove the existing accumulated garbage. And it is necessary to gradually implement on-site classification, reduction and resource utilization of garbage so as to ensure that garbage is not accumulated on a daily basis. 

(三) Manage rural domestic sewage. It should actively and steadily step by step promote rural sewage treatment, focusing on solving rural water pollution and improving rural water quality and environment. In principle, the township (town) government where the urbanization degree is relatively high shall build sewage treatment facilities and supporting collection pipe networks and operate them effectively. Villages that have the conditions should optimize the design scheme and reduce the operating cost. Through the construction of a sewage collection pipe network and small integrated sewage treatment equipment (or the construction of household small sewage treatment equipment), domestic sewage generated by villagers in toilet, cooking, laundry, shower and other links should be collected and treated in a centralized way. Other villages can build oxidation ponds for planting water purification plants according to field conditions. t is necessary to strictly implement the “Dalian River (Library) Long-Term Implementation Plan”(No.23 in 2018 of Dalian Municipal Party Committee Office), focusing on the river and pond ditches in front of houses and behind houses, implementing dredging, and taking comprehensive measures to restore water, so as to gradually eliminate black and smelly water bodies in rural rivers. 

(四) Renovate farm toilets and treat manure. The construction and renovation of rural sanitation sanitary latrines will be fully implemented to promote the construction of rural toilets. It is necessary to rationally choose the toilet changing mode and promote the toilet revolution. According to the requirements of mass acceptance, economic application, easy maintenance, and no pollution of public water bodies, different levels of harmless sanitary toilets are popularized. And it should take simultaneous consideration of fecal pollution control. It should also encourage the developed areas of the livestock and poultry breeding industry to recycle the farmer's toilet waste and livestock and poultry farming waste.

(五) Perfect the village road. It is necessary to speed up the construction of roads in villages, and basically solve the problems of muddy roads in villages and inconvenience for villagers to travel. Side ditches are arranged on both sides of the main streets to clean up debris and rubbish that occupy the roads. And it is crucial to improve the road network where the township (town) government is located. All roads will be hardened and ancillary facilities such as drainage and street lamps will be basically complete.

(六) Strengthen the management of village planning. Emphasis should be placed on strengthening the guidance of rural planning, effectively controlling rural construction, and boosting the construction of new urbanization. It should respect the opinions of farmers, give full play to the leading role of the overall planning of villages and towns and the planning of villages, adhere to the reality, practicality and effectiveness, and scientifically compile and revise the rural planning. It is necessary to fully complete the compilation or revision of county-level rural construction plans, pay attention to the connection between various plans, encourage the implementation of " multi-discipline integration", promote the implementation of practical village planning, and realize the basic coverage of village planning and management. Efforts will be made to explore the establishment of a planning mechanism with government organization and leadership, the village Committee playing its main role, and guidance from technical units. The main contents of village planning should be incorporated into village regulations and regulations. And it also need to strengthen the management of rural construction planning permits, establish and improve illegal land use and establish a mechanism to investigate and deal with illegal land use. 

(七) Establish a mechanism for construction and management. The meeting will focus on the establishment of a long-term and stable mechanism for the renovation of rural human settlements and consolidate the results of the renovation for a long time. It is necessary to strengthen the party's leadership over the renovation of rural human settlements. According to the city, county, township and village four-level work responsibility system, a long-term mechanism for village human settlements management and protection with systems, standards, teams, funds and supervision will be basically established. Professional, market-oriented construction and operation and management should be encouraged. Conditional areas should implement unified planning, unified construction, unified operation and unified management of urban and rural garbage and sewage. Environmental governance pay-as-you-go system will be implemented and service performance evaluation mechanism will be improved. Efforts will be made to explore the establishment of a farmers' payment system for waste water treatment and to improve the reasonable sharing mechanism of financial subsidies and farmers' payment. Priority should be given to supporting village-level organizations and rural " craftsmen" leaders to undertake small agricultural projects such as environmental improvement in villages, roads in villages, and greening of villages and towns. Attention should also be paid to developing vocational training so as to train local farmers to become an important force in the operation and maintenance of public welfare infrastructure in villages. For rural residential environment renovation and construction projects, the specific examination and approval department shall simplify the examination and approval procedures and bidding procedures according to the actual situation, reduce the construction cost, and ensure the quality of the project. 

三. Working strategies

(一) Strengthen organizational leadership and implement departmental responsibilities. All relevant districts, cities and counties (pilot areas) are responsible for the detailed division of labor, the implementation of responsibilities, and the landing of projects and the use of funds. It is necessary to clarify specific work measures, timetables, and roadmaps. Towns and villages must clarify the responsible department, be responsible for the specific organization and implementation, and the village must have a special person responsible. Governments at all levels and relevant departments must adhere to the concept of taking the people as the center and governing for the people, and taking the rural settlements as the current important task, and creating health villages and towns as the carrier, and solidly promote various key tasks.

(二) Strengthen the main body of villagers and stimulate the endogenous power. It is important to adhere to the people-centered development thought, give full play to the core role of the grassroots party organizations in rural areas, give full play to the exemplary leading role of party members, lead farmers to advocate civilization, set up fresh air, and cultivate a civilized and healthy way of life. The democratic decision-making mechanism of " one thing, one discussion" should be used to improve the publicity system of rural residential environment renovation projects. Forest rangers, road guards, plumbers, fire wardens and other industry personnel must participate in the renovation of rural human settlements. It is necessary to establish a mechanism for the government, village collectives, villagers and other parties to conspire, co - build, co - manage, co-evaluate and share so as to ensure that villagers fully exercise their power. It is necessary to give play to the role of village regulations, strengthen the awareness of villagers' environmental sanitation, mobilize the enthusiasm of villagers to participate in environmental remediation and care for the environment, and avoid the government's wishful thinking, big package, and debt building.

(三) Implement the funds for rectification and concentrate on supporting. A government input system with municipal and county investment as the mainstay and central and provincial subsidies will be established. It should actively strive for the central and provincial financial subsidy funds, increase the tilt of municipal financial investment, improve the relevant systems and methods of " promoting governance with awards" and " replacing subsidy with awards", and reasonably guarantee the infrastructure construction and operation funds of rural human settlements. Financial departments at all levels shall, in accordance with the prescribed standards, allocate in full and on time the wages of rural cleaning personnel and the funds for the operation and maintenance of waste management. It will also further optimize and adjust the structure of financial expenditures and gradually incorporate the funds for the renovation and construction of rural human settlements and the operation of management and protection into the financial budget at the corresponding level. Efforts should be made to broaden the channels for raising funds, actively strive for special funds in the central budget, integrate various resources, concentrate on supporting them and provide financial guarantee.

(四) Develop a work plan and carefully organize it. In accordance with the “Dalian City Rural Habitat Environment Remediation Three-Year Action Implementation Plan (2018-2020)”, the key tasks of 2018 will be determined, and the annual key task implementation plan will be scientifically formulated. It is also necessary to define the time nodes and tasks of the year, plan and implement the road map, reverse the time limit for a project, and wall chart operations according to the priorities and timing of different areas and different types of rural human settlements, so as to push forward all work in a solid and orderly manner and achieve continuous progress.

(五) Establish evaluation standards and strengthen supervision and inspection. According to the implementation plan of the whole city's rural residential environment renovation and the national and Liaoning province assessment and acceptance standards and methods, the rural residential environment renovation standards are formulated, and the relevant districts, cities and counties (pilot areas) are taken as units for inspection and acceptance. The renovation of rural residential environment should be included in the performance appraisal scope of the municipal government as an important content to assess the performance of cadres in relevant districts, cities and counties (pilot districts). It is also necessary to organize and carry out training on the renovation of rural human settlements, implement standard-setting management according to the renovation standards, and establish an inspection and supervision system to promote the completion of various renovation tasks on schedule with good quality and quantity.

四. Job requirements

(一) Adhere to local conditions and implement precise rectification. The cities, counties and districts (pilot areas) of the agriculture-related areas shall, according to the local economic conditions and environmental foundations, do their best to implement the rural residential environment rectification in a differentiated manner, and not to engage in urbanization of rural landscapes, and avoid modelling and making a one-size-fits-all approach.

(二) Establish counterpart relations and form joint efforts of departments. It is necessary to establish a counterpart contact system between members of the leading group for the renovation of rural human settlements in cities and counties, and to strengthen the industry sector's guidance on the entire process of renovation of rural human settlements. Government departments at all levels shall, in accordance with the division of work functions, carry out their respective duties and form a joint force to jointly push forward. 

(三) Organize dynamic inspections and carry out regular scheduling. All agriculture-related districts, cities and counties ( pilot areas ) should step up inspections of rural human settlements and carry out dynamic management of rural human settlements. It is necessary to establish an inspection and notification system, and if the effect of the rectification work is better, it will be promptly reported in the jurisdiction. It is also necessary to strengthen daily statistics and regular scheduling, keep abreast of the progress of remediation work, and ensure that the time node tasks are completed with high quality.

(四) Pay attention to retaining homesickness and continue the historical context. It is necessary to carry out the renovation of the rural residential environment, pay attention to local customs, strengthen the protection of regional cultural elements, prohibit the destruction of the original natural features and ethnic characteristics, prohibit the destruction of the original natural ecological resources, carefully cut down trees, forbid the digging of mountains, do not fill lakes, and demolish houses less, prohibit the demolition of large buildings and the pursuit of foreign interests, and put an end to image projects and achievements projects.

(五) Strengthen public opinion propaganda and create a good atmosphere. All the agriculture-related districts, cities and counties (pilot areas) should promptly sum up good practices and consolidate the results of rectification. It should make full use of newspapers, television, internet and other publicity media to widely publicize the typical rural residential environment renovation, mobilize the enthusiasm of all social parties to actively participate in the rural residential environment renovation, and strive to create a good social atmosphere, and continuously push forward the rural residential environment renovation. 


All pilot demonstration areas and relevant departments should pay close attention to the organization and implementation, make every effort to promote the pilot demonstration work of rural residential environment improvement, hold spot meetings in due course to promote successful experiences and practices suitable for local use, and study and formulate relevant technical standards. Before December 10, 2018, the leading departments of rural human settlements rectification work in the cities and counties (leading areas) of the agriculture-related districts should rectify the successful experiences and practices of the local rural human settlements environment, and form written materials to report to the municipal office of the leading group of the rural human settlements renovation work on the successful experiences and practices of the local rural human settlements renovation.


General Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government

August 6, 2018