Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the Dalian Municipal People's Government on Improving the Supportive Policies(二)

三. Strengthen the supportive policies for employment and entrepreneurship and broaden farmers' income-increasing channels

(十) Strengthen the cultivation of new professional farmers. It is necessary to perfect the " trinity" cultivation system of education and training, identification and management, and the supportive policies for the new type of professional farmers so as to make the cultivation of professional farmers the leading force in the construction of modern urban agriculture. It is necessary to continue to implement the new professional farmer cultivation project, strengthen the construction and management of various education and training bases and agricultural field schools, and promote the implementation of the rotation training plan for modern young farmers and new agricultural business leaders. Agricultural radio and television schools, agricultural technology extension units, agricultural enterprises, farmers' cooperative organizations, and agricultural vocational colleges should carry out training on key technologies urgently needed around characteristic industries. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee and the Municipal Education Bureau)

(十一) Improve the equal employment system for urban and rural workers. Efforts should be made to build a public employment service platform covering urban and rural areas, to promote the formation of an equal competition, standardized and orderly, and unified urban and rural labor market, and to implement the system of equal employment and equal pay for equal work for migrant workers and urban workers. It is necessary to strengthen the supervision of labor security, carry out special law enforcement inspections on migrant workers' wage payments, and strictly investigate and punish acts of withholding or defaulting on migrant workers' wages in accordance with the law. Focusing on the new generation of migrant workers, efforts will be made to implement the migrant workers' vocational skills upgrading plan, and job skills training, job skills upgrading training, and entrepreneurship training will be carried out by category. Rural communities should be supported to form peasant labor cooperatives and carry out labor training and cooperation. When drawing up compensation and resettlement plans for land requisition, all regions should clearly define specific measures to promote the employment of landless peasants. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee, the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, the district/county and county governments, and the pilot district management committee)

(十二) Support farmers' entrepreneurship and innovation. It is necessary to develop labor-intensive industrial projects such as rural service industries and promote the integration and development of rural industries. All localities should be supported to rely on existing national modern agricultural science and technology parks and agricultural industrial parks to promote the creation of pioneering parks (incubators) returning to the countryside. Relying on the grassroots public platform, government public resources and social resources can be gathered to provide services for entrepreneurs returning to rural areas. It is necessary to vigorously promote "Internet +" modern agriculture, implement the rural e-commerce development action plan, cultivate the main body of the agricultural e-commerce market, innovate the agricultural e-commerce mode, promote the project of entering villages and households with information, and drive returnees to start their own businesses relying on the internet. Efforts will be made to tap the skills of traditional craftsmen in rural areas, develop fist industries, and cultivate brands of handicrafts and local products in rural areas. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee, the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal People's Bureau, and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce)

(十三) Vigorously develop agricultural product processing industry. It is necessary to thoroughly implement the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Further Promoting the Development of Agricultural Products Processing Industry"(No.93 in 2016 of the General Office of the State Council) support the development of fresh-keeping, storage, graded packaging and other primary processing facilities by new business entities, and reduce postpartum losses. Efforts should be made to promote the coordinated development of primary processing, intensive processing, comprehensive utilization processing and staple food processing, extend the industrial chain and increase the added value of products. It is necessary to vigorously develop the agricultural product processing industry, complete the upgrading of three agricultural product processing and agglomeration areas in Paotai Street, Jinpu New Town, Heidao Town, Zhuanghe City, and Changcheng Street, Lyushunkou District. It is also necessary to put forward the construction of the pilot reform of the supply chain of agricultural products wholesale in Zhuanghe. It is necessary to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural product processing industry, product brand cultivation, quality and safety supervision, product market development and other promotion projects, focusing on promoting the processing and development of apple, yellow peach, edible fungus, chicken and seafood and other advantageous characteristic varieties, to promote the transformation of our city's agricultural product processing industry from quantity growth to quality improvement, element drive to innovation drive, and decentralized layout to cluster development. Efforts should be made to support the transformation and upgrading of processing equipment of leading agricultural enterprises, improve the level of profound processing of agricultural products, continuously extend the agricultural industry chain and extend the value chain, and actively cultivate new modes and new formats such as “production bases + central kitchens + catering stores” “production bases + processing enterprises + supermarket sales”, etc. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee)

(十四) Develop leisure agriculture and rural tourism. It is necessary to focus on doing a good job in the promotion of high-quality rural tourism routes and the excavation of local culture and folk culture. By 2020, each agriculture-related district city (county) will build 1-2 demonstration sites, and the comprehensive income of leisure agriculture and rural tourism will reach 14 billion yuan. The annual number of tourists will exceed 20 million, which will drive more than 40,000 households. It is necessary to speed up the development of "tourism +" and "ecology +" modes, and promote the deep integration of urban modern agriculture and tourism, education, culture, and health care. In combination with the construction of new rural areas, the level of basic service facilities such as landscape roads, parking lots and sanitary toilets for leisure agriculture and rural tourism villages will be improved. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee)

(十五) Continuously improve the level of rural e-commerce. It is necessary to strengthen the deep integration of the Internet with agricultural production, management, management, service and entrepreneurial innovation, and accelerate the popularization of rural information services in the city. Through the full integration of " agricultural public welfare service" and " rural social service" resources, it will comprehensively promote the entry of information into villages and households and the integration of e-commerce services into villages, open up sales channels for agricultural products e-commerce and allow farmers to reasonably share the value-added benefits of the entire industrial chain. By 2020, on the basis of full coverage of information entering villages and households, 2,000 rural e-commerce visits will be trained, and 50 new rural e-commerce entrepreneurs will be trained to provide convenient and efficient information services to the vast number of farmers. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee)

(十六) Guide industrial and commercial capital to invest in agricultural villages. It will deepen the reform on streamlining administration and delegating power, improving regulation and optimizing services and actively guide industrial and commercial capital to invest in agriculture and rural areas. It is necessary to encourage the promotion of the cooperation model between the government and social capital, and support the new type of agricultural management entities and industrial and commercial capital to invest in land consolidation and the construction of high-standard farmland. It is also necessary to encourage industrial and commercial enterprises to invest in agricultural fields suitable for industrialization, scale-up and intensive management, and actively develop modern planting and breeding industries and diversified agricultural management. Efforts should be made to explore the establishment of mechanisms such as cooperation between the government and the society and the government's purchase of public welfare services, to relax the entry barriers for rural public service institutions, to support industrial and commercial capital to enter rural life-oriented service industries, to earnestly implement industrial and commercial capital leasing of agricultural land supervision and risk prevention measures, and to regulate industrial and commercial capital contracting of agricultural land. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee, the Municipal Bureau of Land and Housing, and the Municipal Bureau of Commerce)

(十七) Perfect the interest connection mechanism of the industrial chain. Through summarizing and promoting the interest linking mechanism, it will vigorously develop the agricultural industrialization consortium. It is necessary to guide leading enterprises to establish or become shareholders in cooperative organizations and support farmers' cooperatives to become shareholders or set up leading enterprises. And it should develop contract farming to support leading enterprises to provide loan guarantees and technical services for farmers. It should explore the establishment of a new management system for farmers' cooperatives and expand the scope of cooperation and service content. For various forms of cooperation based on land and forest land, all contractors enjoying financial input or policy support should become shareholders and take the form of " guaranteed income + dividend per share" to allow farmers to share the benefits of processing and sales links. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee, the Municipal Forestry Bureau, and the Municipal Finance Bureau)

四. Build a long-term mechanism for the development of urban-rural integration and release new kinetic energy for farmers to increase their income

(十八) Deepen the reform of rural collective property rights system. All efforts should be made to implement the central government's requirement of " separation of ownership, contracting rights and management rights" and to steadily and orderly push forward the reform of rural collective operating assets stock cooperation system. It should actively explore effective ways to realize and develop collective economic organizations, guide the establishment of rural collective economic cooperatives or joint-stock economic cooperatives, and scientifically select suitable projects such as resource development and management, agricultural production services, ecological leisure tourism, and property leasing operation. It should fully carry out the verification of rural collective assets and assets and the confirmation of membership of collective economic organizations, accelerate the reform of joint stock cooperative system for collective operating assets, and explore the establishment of a joint stock cooperative mode of " changing assets into equities, capital into shares, farmers into shareholders" and " three changes". In accordance with the unified arrangements of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the province, it will actively explore the establishment of village-level collective economic organizations to realize the new realization form and healthy operation mechanism of village-level collective economy. In 2018, it is planned to basically complete 55 village pilots and the entire district pilot reform task in Ganjingzi District. and to basically complete the reform of the rural collective property rights system by 2020. Efforts should be made to safeguard the land contracting right, land use right and collective income distribution right of peasants settling in cities, and support and guide them to voluntarily transfer relevant rights and interests with compensation according to law. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee and the Municipal Bureau of Land and Housing)

(十九) Stimulate the vitality of rural resources and assets. According to the principles of " innovative development, planning first, integration of resources, industrial integration, voluntary farmers, government guidance, and market operation", rural collective economic organizations are encouraged to cooperate with industrial and commercial capital, integrate collective land and other resource assets and idle farm houses, develop new business models such as residential economy, and actively explore ways and means to revitalize rural asset resources. It should actively integrate rural tourism resources to promote quality upgrading of rural tourism. It also should carry out pilot projects to support the development of the village-level collective economy and expand the strength of the village-level collective economy. Various forms of implementation should be adopted according to local conditions, such as resource development and utilization, unified service provision, property management, mixed management, and home ownership in other places, so as to enhance the village-level collective self - development, self-service and self-management capabilities and levels. Districts, cities and counties (pilot areas) should be encouraged to establish rural property rights transfer trading platforms to promote the legal transfer of various rural property rights. And it is crucial to promote the pilot work of mortgage loan for the management right of contracted land in rural areas of Wafangdian city and issue the “Career Transferring Land Management Right Certificate” to the new business entity. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee, the Municipal Land and Housing Bureau, and the Municipal Forestry Bureau)

(二十) Give full play to the radiation-driven role of new urbanization. It is necessary to speed up the reform of the household registration system and further relax the conditions for urban settlement. Efforts should be made to gradually expand the scope of basic public services and facilities for holders of residence permits, and promote the basic coverage of urban public services and facilities to the permanent population. Based on the administrative districts at the county level and with the towns as the fulcrum, the pilot demonstration project for the integration and development of rural industries will be further promoted, the achievements of the demonstration project will be consolidated, mature experience will be promoted, and the secondary and tertiary industries in rural areas will be guided to concentrate in counties, key towns and industrial parks, giving full play to the advantages of industrial agglomeration. It is necessary to actively explore models such as the construction of new rural communities and industrial parks, and promote the development of rural industries and the increase of farmers' income.  It is necessary to improve the urban and rural land use mechanism and comprehensively implement the policy of increasing the urban construction land use and reducing the rural construction land. (Responsible by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, and the Civil Affairs Bureau)

五. Improve the income guarantee mechanism for disadvantaged groups to ensure a well-off society in an all-round way.

(二十一) Strengthen precision poverty alleviation and precision poverty alleviation. It is necessary to adhere to local conditions, and promote the combination of industrial poverty alleviation projects and agricultural structural adjustment. Based on the resource endowment of low-income villages, it should focus on the development of advantageous features, high-quality and efficient, and continuous income-increasing industries. It should establish a monthly progress reporting system for the whole village to promote industrial poverty alleviation projects, and promote the early implementation, early completion and early results of industrial poverty alleviation projects in low-income villages throughout the city this year. It is necessary to make good use of the special financial funds for poverty alleviation, expand financing channels, and promote the investment of financial capital and social capital in the development of low-income village industries. It should also continue to increase the overall investment in poverty alleviation. Through industrial poverty alleviation, transfer of employment, poverty alleviation through science and technology, renovation of dangerous buildings, educational support, health poverty alleviation, social security and other measures, together with classified guidance and precise policies, poverty alleviation could be achieved as scheduled. The people's livelihood projects and policies for benefiting the people will be tilted to poor areas to the greatest extent, and social forces will be widely mobilized to actively participate in poverty alleviation and development. It should encourage and guide low-income villages and helping units to establish a stable and win-win good helping relationship, innovate helping methods, broaden helping paths, and enrich helping contents. Helping units should be encouraged to give full play to their resource advantages such as capital, technology, talents and other relevant policy advantages, and help low-income villages to develop an industrial project so that they can have long-term income and enhance the " hematopoietic" function in light of the reality of poverty alleviation in low-income villages. Private enterprises, social organizations and individuals should be encouraged to participate in poverty alleviation and development in rural areas. It should take the form of complementary advantages and co-construction between the two sides, and insist on mutual cooperation and promotion. It should increase investment in work-for-work, support the construction of small and medium-sized public welfare infrastructure in rural areas, and increase the income from labor services for the poor. And it is It is necessary to increase the promotion and marketing support for agricultural products brands in poverty-stricken areas. (Responsible by the Municipal Poverty Alleviation Office and the member units of the municipal poverty alleviation work leading group)

(二十二) Improve the rural social security system. It is necessary to encourage and guide urban and rural residents to actively participate in the renewal of insurance and improve the coverage of the urban and rural residents' pension insurance system. It is necessary to further strengthen the verification of the economic status of families applying for rural subsistence allowances and to include all eligible poor families in the scope of rural subsistence allowances. It should try the best to improve the dynamic adjustment mechanism of the minimum living standard and appropriately raise the minimum living standard in rural areas. And it should further improve the aid and support system for poor people and reasonably determine the standards for aid and support for poor people in rural areas. An old-age service subsidy system for the elderly with financial difficulties and the disabled shall be established in an all-round way. Efforts should be made to strengthen the connection between various old-age insurance systems and medical insurance systems in urban and rural areas so as to smooth the institutional conversion channel for two-way flow of insured personnel. (Responsible by the Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, and the Civil Affairs Bureau)

六. Strengthen organizational leadership

(二十三) Implement local responsibilities. All regions should raise their awareness of the importance of increasing farmers' incomes, enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, improve their working mechanisms, further broaden their channels of increasing farmers' incomes in light of local conditions, and ensure that all policies and measures are implemented. It is necessary to select and strengthen the village-level leadership team, give prominence to the construction of the village party organization leader team, select the first secretary and the resident team accurately, and give full play to their role in promoting the increase of farmers' income. (Responsible by the district/county and county governments, the pilot district management committee)

(二十四) Strengthen cooperation between departments. All relevant departments shall, in accordance with this Opinion and according to the division of functions, strengthen coordination and cooperation, intensify their work, and formulate and perfect specific policies and measures. All regions and relevant departments should strengthen investigation and guidance to ensure that all policies and measures are implemented. (Responsible by the relevant departments directly under the municipal government, the city and county governments, the pilot area management committee)


General Office of Dalian Municipal People's Government

July 25, 2018