Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the Dalian Municipal People's Government on Improving the Supportive Policies(一)

The people's governments of all districts, cities and counties, the management committees of the pilot areas, the municipal government committees, the directly affiliated institutions, and the relevant units:


In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the "Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Improving the Supportive Policies to Promote Farmers' Continuous Income Increase (No.87 in 2016 of the General Office of the State Council)” and the "Implementation Opinions of the General Office of the People's Government of Liaoning Province on Improving the Supportive Policies to Promote Farmers' Continuous Income Increase (No.36 in 2017 of the General Office of the People's Government of Liaoning Province), conform to the new situation and new requirements, broaden new channels, tap new potential, cultivate new momentum for agricultural and rural development, further improve support policies, and promote farmers' continuous income increase, the following implementation opinions are hereby put forward with the approval of the municipal government:


一. General requirements

(一) Guiding ideology

The Opinion fully implements the spirit of the Party's 19th National Congress and the Central Rural Work Conference, the provincial rural work video conference, and the Municipal Party Committee's Rural Work and Forestry Ecological Construction Conference, and implements the deployment of the city's agricultural work and precision poverty alleviation conference. The Opinion This opinion closely centers on the "five-sphere integrated plan" and the Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy, pushing forward the rural revitalization strategy in depth, firmly establishing the new development concept, and stimulating the endogenous power of agricultural and rural development. The Opinion closely centers on the strengthening of the foundation for improving the quality and efficiency of agriculture, the expansion of channels for farmers' employment and entrepreneurship, the empowerment and vitality of rural reform, and the solid foundation of rural social security. It aims to further strengthen the implementation of the policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting peasants and rich peasants, to make great efforts to tap the growth potential of operational income, to stabilize the growth momentum of wage income, to release the bonus of property income growth, to expand the space for transfer income growth, to allow the vast number of peasants to participate in the reform and development process on an equal footing, to share the fruits of reform and development. In doing so, the sustained and rapid growth of farmers' income and the realization of the goal of a well-off society in an all-round way as scheduled could be ensured.


(二) Basic principles

Adhere to market leadership. It is necessary to give full play to the decisive role of the market allocation of resources and accelerate the structural reform of the agricultural supply side to promote the improvement of agricultural quality and efficiency and the continuous increase of farmers' income. It is crucial to enhance the policy of giving more taking less and loosening control to improve the agricultural support and protection system and improve the rural social security system.

Adhere to the employment-oriented. It is necessary to accelerate the simultaneous development of new industrialization, informationization, urbanization, and agricultural modernization, and further promote the integration and development of rural primary, secondary, and tertiary industries, thereby striving to increase employment and entrepreneurial opportunities, promoting the citizenization of agricultural transfer population, and opening up new paths and new models for increasing farmers' incomes. 

Adhere to reform and innovation. Through speeding up the construction of a modern agricultural management system and deepening the reform of the rural collective property rights system, efforts are made to promote the integrated development of urban and rural areas, promote the equal exchange of urban and rural elements and the balanced allocation of public resources, establish and perfect a system and mechanism conducive to increasing farmers' incomes, and stimulate the vitality of agricultural and rural development. 

Adhere to overall coordination. It is necessary to make overall considerations for ensuring the effective supply of important agricultural products and protecting the agricultural ecological environment, achieving farmers' income increase, and ensuring the unity of food security and sustainable agricultural development. It is necessary to strengthen support for low-income villages and promote coordinated development. 


二. Improve the agricultural support and protection system and tap the potential for increasing income within agriculture

(三) Intensify the construction of agricultural infrastructure. It is necessary to speed up the construction of high-standard farmland and continuously improve supporting infrastructure such as operation roads and irrigation and drainage systems to ensure the quality of permanent basic farmland. It is necessary to speed up the preparation of the overall development plan for beautiful and livable rural areas, and to coordinate the layout of rural production, living and ecological space. It is also necessary to do a three-year action plan for rural environmental remediation and continuously strengthen the management of rural sewage and garbage. The level of drinking water safety should be improved. During the year, 3 rural drinking water safety projects will be built and 30 rural drinking water maintenance and repair projects will be implemented. 160 new water source projects will be built, 70,000 mu of soil erosion control will be completed, and 10 river course maintenance projects will be implemented. Efforts will be made to promote the national greening operation, and promote the establishment of forest cities of Liaoning Province in Ganjingzi District and Changhai County, and to realize Dalian a city of establishing a national and provincial forest city in an all-round way. A total of 190,000 mu of forest and 9.6 million trees will be planted throughout the year. Among them, there are 10,000 mu of reforestation, 40,000 mu of degraded forests, 10,000 mu of dried fruit and economic forests, 100,000 mu of forests, and 4 million trees planted in rural areas. With the establishment of the demonstration county as a carrier, the construction of the “Four Good Rural Roads” will be comprehensively promoted, and 200 kilometers of county highway will be built during the year. The focus of infrastructure construction will be on rural areas, speeding up the construction of rural roads, water supply, gas supply, environmental protection, power grids, logistics, information, radio and television, etc., and promoting the interconnection of urban and rural infrastructure. During the year, all administrative villages in the city achieved full coverage of optical fiber broadband access, information entering villages and entering households, and emergency broadcasting systems. 100% of natural oil pipelines will be transported by 2020. Construction of rural environmental facilities will be promoted. It is necessary to substantially promote the rural "toilet revolution", accelerate the pace of the construction of harmless sanitary toilets in rural areas, promote the treatment of rural garbage, and carry out waste classification and reduction and resource utilization according to local conditions.  It is necessary to optimize the layout of urban and rural construction land and give priority to ensuring the construction land for agricultural infrastructure projects. It is also necessary to strengthen the transportation and management of rural environmental protection infrastructure and establish and perfect the compensation mechanism for operating funds of rural environmental protection infrastructure. (Responsible by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Construction Committee, Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission, Municipal Land and Housing Bureau, Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, Municipal Rural Work Committee, Municipal Forestry Bureau, Municipal Transportation Bureau, people’s governments of each districts, cities and counties, and the administrative committee of each pilot district)

(四) Promote the transformation of agricultural subsidy policies. It is necessary to adhere to the green ecological orientation, improve the “three agricultural subsidies”, agricultural machinery purchase subsidies and agricultural machinery operation subsidy policies, and improve the accuracy, directivity and effectiveness of agricultural subsidy policies. Efforts will be made to implement forestry protection subsidies, national wetland ecological benefit compensation pilots and other policies and forest ecological benefit compensation projects to promote green development of agriculture. It is also necessary to adhere to the incentive mechanism of "combining stock with increment, giving equal attention to incentives and constraints", use incentive funds to mobilize the enthusiasm of local production and promote the development of grain, oil and seed production industries.  By increasing the support for the construction of functional areas for grain production and protection areas for important agricultural products, the reasonable income of farmers will be ensured. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Land and Housing Bureau, the Municipal Water Affairs Bureau, and the Municipal Forestry Bureau)

(五) Coordinate and push forward the adjustment of agricultural structure. It is necessary to further optimize the regional distribution of agriculture, vigorously implement the project of “stabilizing food market, supporting fruit and vegetable industry, animal husbandry and fishery”, implement the state subsidy policy for adjusting agricultural planting structure, and support the trial of grain-feeding and grain-crop rotation, so as to support the standardization and large-scale production of planting, fishing and breeding industries, promote the green development of fisheries, and comprehensively improve the level of healthy aquaculture. It is necessary to adjust the structure of agricultural planting and breeding, reduce the planting area of grain and corn by 100,000 mu, create 30 bases for the production and supply of livestock products and 30,000 mu for newly developed fruits. he production of broilers and cattle and sheep should be steadily developed. The planting area of vegetables should be scientifically determined to promote the construction of facility agriculture and basic vegetable fields. It is necessary to build 10 modern seedling enterprises and breeding bases with superior characteristics. The area planted with vegetables is stable at around 500,000 mu, and the output of vegetables is 1.78 million tons. It is necessary to promote agricultural quality and efficiency. Efforts will be made to promote the mechanization of major crop production, deepen the construction of Wafangdian into a National Agricultural Product Quality and Safety County, and accelerate the establishment of national agricultural product quality and safety counties in Zhuanghe City and Lyushunkou District. It is necessary to steadily expand the certification area of the "San pin yi biao" and implement traceability of agricultural products quality and safety to improve the level of agricultural products quality and safety. Focusing on major fruit varieties such as large cherry, blueberry, nectarine and apple, it should actively cultivate and build a number of well-known brands of regional agricultural products. t is necessary to speed up the upgrading of the wholesale market for large-scale agricultural products, and accelerate the development of various formats such as integrated food stores, fresh supermarkets and convenience stores. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee, Municipal Marine Fisheries Bureau, and Municipal Bureau of Commerce)

(六) Increase support for new agricultural management entities. Efforts will be made to improve policies such as taxation, land use and project support, and to support the development of new agricultural management entities such as family farms, large professional families, farmers' cooperatives and leading enterprises in agricultural industrialization. On the premise of respecting the wishes of farmers and protecting their rights and interests, it will continue to explore the model of “Land Economy (Shares) Cooperatives + Agricultural Professional Managers + Agricultural Integrated Services” to realize large-scale management, specialized operation and intensive services, and form a multi-subject and multi-level agricultural cooperative system. Efforts should be made to strengthen the standardized construction of farmers' cooperatives, support the transformation and upgrading of leading enterprises, strengthen scientific and technological research and development, and innovate production management and business models. It is also necessary to promote the development of agricultural socialized service organizations, and promote comprehensive service models such as service outsourcing, land custody, sub-cultivation, and joint farming in agricultural production and operation. (Responsible by the Municipal Agriculture Commission)

(七) Strengthen rural financial services. It is necessary to support districts, cities and counties (pilot areas) to establish and improve new business entities and financial institutions to jointly build an agricultural financing service platform, and accelerate the improvement of the agricultural credit guarantee system. It should strengthen the cooperation between government banks and enterprises, and innovate methods of financial support for agriculture. Commercial banks are encouraged to strengthen their financial support for " agriculture, rural areas and farmers" and extend outlets and services to the grassroots to enhance their ability to serve " agriculture, rural areas and farmers". It is necessary to guide village banks to carry out differentiated management and expand the scope of agricultural support services. Efforts should be made to promote the construction of rural credit system and improve credit information collection and evaluation systems for farmers, specialized farmers' cooperatives, and small and micro enterprises in rural areas. It is also important to promote the rural contracted land management right and the rural housing property mortgage loan pilot, encourage financial institutions to actively launch the " two rights" mortgage loan business, and encourage banking financial institutions to expand the scope of agricultural rural loan collateral under the premise of controllable risk and sustainable business. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the People's Bank of China Dalian Central Branch, and the Dalian Banking Supervision Bureau)

(八) Innovate agricultural insurance products and services. A sound agricultural insurance guarantee system should be established and the coverage of policy agricultural insurance should be expanded. Efforts should be made to promote the tilt of agricultural insurance towards a moderate scale of operation, to strengthen the innovation of insurance coverage for new agricultural business entities and advantageous agricultural products, and to enhance the ability to resist natural disasters and self - risks. It should strengthen the construction of grass-roots service organizations for agricultural insurance and continuously improve the level of insurance services. Efforts will be made to promote the establishment of a linkage mechanism between agricultural subsidies, financial credit and agricultural insurance. By establishing and improving the cooperation mechanism with insurance agencies, information sharing channels can be established to improve the level of agricultural production disaster prevention and mitigation. It is necessary to speed up the establishment of a catastrophe risk dispersion mechanism for agricultural insurance, enhance the ability to resist major natural disasters, and explore and carry out catastrophe index insurance in agriculture-related areas. (Responsible by the Municipal Rural Work Committee, the Municipal Financial Bureau, the Dalian Insurance Regulatory Bureau, the Municipal Marine Fisheries Bureau, the Municipal Forestry Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, and the Municipal Meteorological Bureau)

(九) Explore a new financial model to leverage financial support for agriculture. It should give further play to the guiding and leverage functions of financial funds, continuously innovate agricultural investment mechanisms, and leverage financial and social capital to invest more in agricultural villages.  Efforts will be made to improve the rural inclusive financial credit system, enhance farmers' credit awareness, and improve the rural credit environment. By promoting the cooperation of “banks, governments, enterprises, and insurance industries”, the financing guarantee function will be enhanced. Eligible district and city governments (pilot zone management committees) should be encouraged to establish equity investment guidance funds, and cooperate with social capital to establish various types of agricultural investment funds. Besides, it should promote the establishment of agricultural subsidies, agricultural credit, agricultural products futures, agricultural insurance linkage mechanism. (Responsible by the People's Bank of China Dalian Central Branch, Dalian Banking Supervision Bureau, Dalian Securities Regulatory Bureau, Dalian Insurance Regulatory Bureau, Municipal Rural Work Committee, Municipal Marine Fisheries Bureau, Municipal Financial Bureau, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Forestry Bureau)