Suggestions on the Implementation of Accelerating the Development of Housing Rental Market by Lvshunkou District Government (2)

(4) Strengthen Construction of Policy System, Regulate Order of Rental Market

15. Establish and improve policies and regulations of housing rental. It shall fully implement the policies issued by China, Liaoning Province, related ministries and commissions and Dalian City on the development of housing rental market. Focusing on this suggestion, relevant supporting policies has been researched and formulated to further improve the policy system. (Unit in charge: Real Estate Board, Lvshunkou District)

16. Strengthen localized management. Sticking to the principle of “integration of regions at different levels and local leadership principally”, the localized management responsibility shall be implemented to gradually establish and improve three-level housing rental management system in district, sub-district and community or village committee. The housing rental shall be listed into the social comprehensive treatment and community grid management. The housing rental work shall be implemented and managed through coordinating and integrating each management resource. (Unit in charge: each sub-district office, Lvshunkou Public Security Bureau and Lvshunkou Real Estate Board)

17. Cooperation among functional departments. Lvshunkou Real Estate Board was responsible for the administrative management and relative coordination of housing rental. Cooperated with relevant departments, it shall strengthen supervision of housing rental market and improve the housing rental enterprise, real estate brokerage institution and credit managements system of working personnel to establish relevant credit record of main market comprehensively, which shall be brought into credit information sharing platform to carry out joint discipline on serious dishonest conduct. The public security departments shall enhance housing rental security administration and registration of residence and supervise and urge community, village committee, property service enterprise and other management units to remove potential safety hazard. Each department shall complete housing rental management work in accordance with assignment of responsibility. (Unit in charge: Lvshunkou Real Estate Board, Land and Resources Bureau, Development and Reform Bureau, Education Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Bureau of Civil Affairs, Justice Bureau, Bureau of Finance, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Bureau of Municipal Construction, Planning Bureau, Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, Department of Culture, Radio, Film, TV, Press and Publication, Internal Revenue Service, Local Tax Bureau, Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Land Reserve Center, Provident Fund Management Center, Fire Brigade, Administrative Committee of Development Zone and each sub-district office)

18. Strictly investigate illegal behaviors of housing rental. In line with assignment of responsibility, each department shall investigate illegal behaviors of housing rental in accordance with laws to safeguard legal interests of housing rental and life and property security of mass people. The illegal enterprise, institution and person shall be punished in accordance with laws and regulations and brought into Lvshunkou public credit information service platform for publicity. As key supervised objects, behaviors including market access, administrative licensing and financing as well as relevant preferential policy will be limited and stopped. The suspected crime shall be delivered to judiciary authorities for disposal. (Unit in charge: Lvshunkou Administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau, Public Security Bureau, Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, Real Estate Board and Land and Resources Bureau)

IVWork Requirements

(1) Deepen Awareness Faithfully

Accelerating the development of housing rental market is important measures to implement the spirit of 19th National Congress of CPC and set up housing system combined rental and purchase. Each department shall pay high attention to modern leasing industry, the new economic development potential, and improve working mechanism to promote the sound development of housing rental market.

(2) Strengthen Organizational Leadership

It shall establish leading group on housing rental market development with the district government leaders as the group leaders to research and solve major problems in working process. The leading group members were made up of leading cadres in each department. The leading group office was set up in Lvshunkou Real Estate Board to take charge of daily coordination. Each responsible unit shall shoulder main responsibilities to research and formulate relevant supporting policies and specific measures as soon as possible.

(3) Enhance Publicity Guide

Each department shall lay emphasis on the publicity of the development of housing rental market through utilizing TV, internet and the press to explain and propagandize related national, provincial and municipal policies, so as to correctly guide resident housing consumption and construct favorable public opinion environment.

Dalian Lvshunkou District Government