New policies on taxi reform and the management of internet-based service cars

Dalian Municipal People's Government’s Opinion on Promoting the Healthy Development of the Taxi Industry (the Opinion) and the Detailed Rules and Regulations for the Management of Internet-based Service Cars in Dalian (the Detailed Rules and Regulations) came into force officially on November 1. The responsible persons explained the two documents yesterday.

Large-scale and intensive cruise car enterprises have priority in getting operation rights.

The Opinion put forward the overall requirements for reform, the positioning of taxi industry, reform on the management of cruise cars, standardization of internet-based service cars, speeding up the construction of regulatory capacity in taxi industry and so on.

The policy for taxi industry management in Dalian focuses on the management mechanism of the cruise cars, the standardization of internet-based service cars and private car-sharing. The Opinion clarifies the transitional policy for operation limits of newly added taxies and operation rights with payment. Small and medium-sized taxi companies and individual operators will be merged and cruise car enterprises have priority in getting operation rights to encourage the development of the large-scale and intensive cruise car enterprises. Taxi companies, automobile industry associations, taxi drivers and trade unions are encouraged to dynamically adjust the taxi contract expenses. Detailed requirements for car-sharing and the qualification of internet-based service cars are put forward.

The Detailed Rules and Regulations detailed the requirements for 8 aspects such as development model, tariff model, operating area, license term, driver qualification and so on. The Detailed Rules and Regulations required that the capacity assignment of internet-based service cars should be conducted dynamically and the plan for the development of internet-based service cars should be implemented after getting the approval of the Municipal People's Government. The charges for internet-based service cars should follow market adjustment and the government-guided price if necessary. The permitting agency for the platform enterprise, drivers and cars is the municipal taxi management office, and the operation area for internet-based service cars covers all the administrative districts in Dalian.

The operation limit for internet-based service cars and its platform is 5 years and so is it for the cruise cars in Dalian. Besides, there are some other requirements for the internet-based service cars such as engine power, wheel base, cruise car signs, the age and education degree of drivers and so on. 

The requirements for internet-based service cars to install GPS, emergency alarming equipment and invoice printing device have all been mentioned in the exposure draft; however, the invoice printing device is not included in the Detailed Rules and Regulations. The responsible person from the municipal taxi management office said GPS and emergency alarming equipment would be installed by car enterprises in accordance with the technical specifications. The wheel base requirement for cruise cars is 2650 mm and over 2700 mm for internet-based service cars according to relevant rules. According to the survey by the taxi industry association, such car brands as Camry, Teana and Passat, whose cars are worth at least 80,000 yuan meet the requirement for internet-based service cars. 

The drivers for cruise cars are qualified for internet-based service cars. Up to now, there are two kinds of internet-based service cars: the one is the public cars representative of China Auto Rental and the other is the cars employed from society representative of Didi and Yidao. According to incomplete statistics, the number of registered internet-based service cars that have ever provided car service is about 58,000, and according to the 1:10 ratio of internet-based service cars to cruise cars that total 13931, the number of internet-based service cars is about 1,300.

Next week, the taxi management department together with relevant departments will arrange talks with the internet-based service car companies to require them to weed out all unqualified vehicles and personnel. The training for internet-based service car drivers will be conducted recently. Now, the management department has upgraded the supervision platform for internet-based service cars and relevant rules for qualification licensing process and access approval process will soon be released.

It is said that the training for internet-based service car drivers include three parts: first, independently study the examination syllabus and test bank issued by Ministry of Transport, and then attend training in qualified training schools and on-line distance education and training. The examination registration address is Zhongnan Road 168, Zhongshan District and the examination fee is 105. Up to now, 28,000 cruise car drivers in Dalian are all allowed to get the license for internet-based service cars directly because the test for cruise car drivers covers the test for internet-based service car drivers.