Li Chengjun, Director of Administration for Industry and Commerce of Liaoning, investigated at the Industry and Commerce Administration of Dalian City

On October 14, Li Chengjun,  Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Director of the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, leaded the directors of the Office, Supervision Office and Ministry of Legislation to investigate at Dalian. Cai Youbin, Secretary of Party Leadership Group and Director of the Municipal Bureau, on behalf of the Municipal Bureau, reported on the implementation situation of the key annual works on the reform of commercial systems, strengthening supervision before and after the issues and the transformation from individuals to enterprises. After the report, Director Li fully acknowledged the achievements obtained by Dalian Municipal Bureau and sent his hopes to the further work. On that day, accompanied by Director Cai Youbin, Li Chengjun also visited the Lvshunkou District to carry out investigation and research. Yi Qingtao, Deputy Secretary of District Committee and District Mayor, Liu Baode, Deputy District Mayor and Li Guangyi, Director of the Market Supervision Bureau participated in the discussion.