Leaders of National Fisheries Department Took An Investigation in Zhuanghe

Li Shumin, a deputy director of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Bureau, Tang Fangdong, the director of Liaoning Marine Fisheries Office, some scientists and experts, and some leaders of Dalian Municipal Maritime and Fisheries Department went to Zhuanghe to  research the shellfish industry development. City accompanied by some leaders of Zhuanghe Government like Zhuang Shuping, Li Damin, Yu Chengfu and Wang Limin.


They visited the FUGU Group and Dalian Yuyang Group Co.,LTD on the same day and learned the development of

marine economy. On the forum, they reached a consensus that Zhuanghe playd an key role in ensuring food security, supporting local livelihoods, creating jobs, boosting incomes, and stabilizing the costal fishing regions as it’s the major production area of shellfish.