Lushunkou District Has Begun to Apply for Oil Price Subsidy of Fishing for the Year of 2016

Recently, Lushunkou District has begun to apply for oil price subsidy of fishing for the year of 2016. The policy of oil price subsidy exercised in this year is intended to “ensure people’s livelihood, protect ecology and keep stability”. The subsidy is issued in the principle of “separating oil price subsidy of fishing from oil consumption and oil price.” Since then, oil price subsidy will be generally computed according to the levels of vessel length rather than oil consumption and oil price. At the same time, main motor powers will be set by levels of vessel length. In Lushunkou District, a total of 1,576 fishing vessels are qualified for the subsidy. Marine and Fisheries Agency of Lushunkou District will conduct a strict examination for them in accordance with related documentation requirements, publish the fishing vessels in line with the requirements in seven workdays, and apply subsidy for them through the network if not any objections are raised. 

In this year, obsolete fishing vessels and those with serious threats on resources will be restricted from subsidy: from 2020, the vessels of double bottom swing trawls, of single-anchor stow net, and of single-set bag seine will not be subsidized; for the year of 2016, the obsolete fishing vessels that reach the limited service life will be subsidized as per 50% of the upper limit of the oil price subsidy standard of fishing vessels determined by the Ministry of Agriculture, for 2017 by 25%, and for 2018 there is not subsidy any more.