China’s First Intelligent Printing System for Marine Steel Plate Processing Information by Dalian COSCO KHI Ship Co., Ltd. Was Put into Use

Good news from Dalian COSCO KHI Ship Co., Ltd., China’s first intelligent printing system for marine steel plate processing information has been successfully tested and put into use. And this means a strong step made by the company to respond positively to the “Intelligently made in China 2025” strategy by insistently promoting lean production and creating the first-class shipyard.

In recent years, COSCO KHI has energetically implemented the China’s “integration policy” for information technology and industrialization. It has adhered to intelligent manufacturing as the main direction of innovation and development, quality and efficiency upgrading as well as transformation; introduced the most advanced digital software for the industry and industrial technical standards; accelerated the new mode of design & manufacturing integration for digitalization of ships. As a result, new progress has kept emerging in this regard.

To propel healthy development of industrial enterprises, Lushun development zone formulated and carried out the “Fund Management Approach for Industrial Economic Development”, focusing on special support for enterprises in the district to declare hi-tech enterprises, establish R & D institutions, win invention patents, and to undertake transformation of achievement in scientific research projects. So far in this zone, there have been 6 national R & D institutions, 3 provincial institutions, 8 municipal institutions and 16 hi-tech enterprises. Scientific research and innovation resources have been increasingly enhanced, being an inexhaustible drive for the development of the Park.