Lushunkou District Begins to Demolish Retired Fishing Boats

Lushunkou District takes in lead in removing 597 boats from fishing operations between 2015 and 2017, with a total power of 14522.6 kw accounting for 35.3 percent of the power which needs to be reduced throughout the city of Dalian.

As result of well-planned deployment and standardized operations, the enforcement personnel granted qualification certificates for 58 fishing boats with a total power of 576.4 kw after making on-site inspections. After the competent authorities and owners go through the required formalities, the retired fishing boats will be towed to Dalian Chengwei Ship Recycling Co., Ltd. and Dalian Lushun Changfa Ship-repair Yard which won the public bid for centralized demolition of retired fishing boats. Waste oil, waste water, oil-water mixture, greasy sludge, kapok and other hazardous materials are to be handed over to Dalian Dongtai Waste Materials Disposal Co., Ltd. which won the public bid for non-hazardous disposal of the materials.