Lushunkou District strengthens supervision on aquaculture enterprises

Lushunkou District Marine Fishery Department strengthens supervision on aquaculture enterprises to ensure the quality and safety of aquatic products throughout the district.



With the vigorous development of aquaculture in Lushunkou District, the number of enterprises of precious marine products is on the rise. Currently, across the district there are 54 enterprises of aquatic product fry, 2 enterprises of abalone fry, 2 enterprises of trepang fry, 2 enterprises of fish and pawn fry. To ensure the quality of fry of these aquatic products, Lushunkou District Marine Fishery Department implemented relevant laws and regulations, enhanced training on quality and safety in enterprises and issued relevant implementation plans for rectification.   



Law enforcement officials jointly conducted comprehensive investigation, standardized the use of medicine in production and supervised production process. Various fry have been tested, with focus on chloramphenicol and furan in the aquatic products to ensure the fry quality and lay a solid foundation for the healthy development of aquaculture throughout the district.