Lushunkou District puts a lot of fries in fishing port of Chenjia Village, Tieshan Street

On July 3, Dalian City Oceanic and Fishery Administration and Lushunkou District Government put 600 thousand fries of paralichthys olivaceus in fishing port of Chenjia Village, Tieshan Street. The fries put in the port are conducive to the increment and bumper harvest of fishery, which can promote sustainable development of fishery industry and virtuous circle of fishery resources to maintain ecological balance.

Relying on geographical advantages, the fishing port of Chenjia Village will make a transition from traditional fishery to recreational fishery. 1200 mu sea area, which is 500 meters apart from the fishing port of Chenjia Village, will be conducted maritime-forbidden plan in the next 3 years. At the end of July, the fishery cooperative of Chenjia Village will carry out the recreational fishing project to combine traditional fishery and tourist industry, aiming to overcome the obstacles of traditional fishery, adapt to the development of times, and increase employment and income. The cooperative will make positive contributions to fishery development and stride forward towards industrial tourism.