Longtou Street of Lushunkou District makes every effort to carry out maritime and fishery management

Since June, Longtou Street of Lushunkou District has made efforts in maritime and fishery work, including safety, training, management, production and inspection.

Special inspection and remediation activities for maritime safety production have been carried out. Up to now, 16maritime inspections have been carried out. More than 30 unsafe behaviors have been found and stopped, including not wearing life jackets as required and sleeping during towing process.

Annual vessel inspection work has been conducted in cooperation with Marine Fisheries Service of Lushunkou District. The seamen having licensed professional seafarer certificates and seafarer certificates have been trained.

The emergency plan for maritime natural disasters has been made and the pool of emergency supplies has been established.

0.2 billion prawn which was worth more than 1.5 million yuan has been released at Guojiagou harbor in cooperation with Marine Fisheries Bureau of Lushunkou District.

The investigation and inspection of Ministry of Agriculture of the PRC during fishing off season has been finished. The scientificity of management system and the feasibility of management method have been approved by the inspection team.