Agricultural and Oceanic Bureau of Ganjingzi District takes various measures to crack down on illegal fishing during summer morator

In order to strengthen the management during summer fishing moratorium, a few days ago, Agricultural and Oceanic Bureau of Ganjingzi District adjusted strategy in a targeted manner. The law enforcement officers were divided into 2 nautical law enforcement groups and one terrestrial law enforcement group. They carried out law enforcement inspection to the sea area by cruising day and night. They also adopted multiple enforcement methods to inspect the sea area according to the reliable information provided by the masses. They took 5 special enforcement actions successively at Lashufang Village, Coastal Business District of the new airport, Bohai Sea, and the adjacent sea from Tuchengzi Village to Daheishi and Huanglongwei, aiming to crack down on the fluke mind of the illegal fishermen.

During the summer fishing moratorium, Agricultural and Oceanic Bureau dispatched 70 law enforcement vessels. 300 law enforcement officers sailed 1500 sea miles to track down 28 illegal fishing vessels and 500 illegal fishing gears. 2 “three noes” fishing boats were detained. 7 fishing boats were fined for 85 thousand yuan.

Next, Agricultural and Oceanic Bureau of Ganjingzi District will bring the 2 nautical law enforcement groups and the terrestrial law enforcement group into full play. They will go on a tour of inspection ceaselessly at key sea areas and ports. They will especially enhance night inspection and keep high pressure to the illegal fishing vessels, aiming to leave illegal fishermen with no chance to go fishing on the sea during summer fishing moratorium, which can keep order of summer fishing moratorium and realize all regulations to further develop the marine fishery economy.